Bioluminescence incredible glowing sea creatures

by spotmydive

Bioluminescence is a mechanism allowing living organisms to emit light in the dark. 90% of the abyssal species are able to produce light. Check our selection of amazing glowing underwater animals.

Comb jellies

The Comb jellies are able to light stripes on their bodies to protect them from predators. Light in the deep sea is not only a lure to attract prey, sometimes it is also a very efficient defense mechanism.

Atolla Jellyfish

The Atolla jellyfish use its light to both repel and attract, scientists have copied the Atolla’s light patern in order to lead abyss inhabitants they wanted to shoot to their cameras.

Fireworks fish and Ostracods

This cardinal fish is not able to spit light like Harry Potter. Ostracods are crustaceans. When they get swallowed by predators they immediately released bright light which force the predators to vomit it if they don’t want to attract unwanted creatures. It can also use this ability to temporarily blind predators.


The dinoflagellate is a microorganism famous for its bioluminescence. Those marine protists spend their life drifting at the surface of the sea. These single-celled organisms are also behind the “red tides” phenomena. They are using their ability as an alarm and if one triggers hits light all its neighbors will do the same.

Torchlight fish

The “Torchlight” has the ability to accumulate and farm glowing bacteria inside an organ, under its eyes. This photogenic power permits it to avoid predators, look for food and communicate. 

Shiny sea food

Did you ever ask yourself : what happens in the fridge when the door is closed ? This is not sci-fi, it’s just a marine bacteria capable of producing light. It tend to be found especially on products where salt has been added during processing. – and don’t worry, shimmering seafood is safe to eat.