Amazing jellyfish found in Mariana trench

by spotmydive

On April 24th, an extraordinary jellyfish was discovered at 4000 meters deep in the The Mariana Trench by the submarine OKEANOS.

An amazing Jellyfish

The Mariana Trench is the deepest ocean trench in the world, reaching 11,034 meters deep. It is located near the Guam Island in the Pacific Ocean. In 2012, director James Cameron set a record exploring the Mariana Trench alone, with a record depth of 10,898 meters. Many new species are discovered every year in Mariana Trench and this jellyfish is the last found specimen.The NOAA’s submarine robot OKEANOS captured these amazing pictures of this creature halfway between a flying saucer, a translucent spider and of course a jellyfish. On the video, the strange yellow dots that distinctly appear simply are its reproductive organs. Scientists expect to study more about this specie of jellyfish in the coming weeks. Many mysteries still remain in the bottom of this trench and NOAA’s mission is not completely over.