Want to Learn Scuba Diving? Do a Try Dive

by spotmydive

What is scuba diving?

Scuba diving is an underwater sport. This activity allow people to stay under water while breathing air. During your discover scuba diving, your try dive or your first dive of the open water course, you will have the opportunity to introduce you to this hobbie in a safe and regulated framework. You will also try for the first time the scuba diving equipment: dry suit, mask, fins, a regulator, BCD, weight belt and scuba tank. Doing your first dive is not only following rules and learning, you will also discover the amazing underwater fauna and flora! Important point: after doing your discovery dive you won’t be certified, so you won’t be ready for diving without guide.

What is the price of a try dive?

Discover scuba diving cost generally between 40€ and 80€ depending on the places and the dive.

Why you should do a discover scuba diving?

Who has never dreamt of flying underwater? A try dive will let you experienced this amazing feeling similar to the weightlessness of the outer space. And all of this in the middle of the amazing underwater marine life! Be careful a lot of you will love it, and many of you will continue the learning and start the open water course. In many place the discover scuba diving count as the first dive of the course.

Scuba diving and stress

Scuba diving is really relaxing and you should not be stressed by the idea to go underwater. But it’s normal to feel some apprehension at first. No worries your instructor will help you to calm by explaining to you how to use the equipment and all the process.

How does your first dive will take place?

Depending on the structures, the federations, the destinations and, of course, the instructors, keep in mind that the try dive won’t be the same for everyone. It all depends on your choice especially if you have opted for a diving initiation of 1 or 2 immersions. The arrival at the diving club is usually around 9am or 2pm. After settling the administrative details, you are ready to put on the fins. Some instructors will present you the diving gear in details when others will explain it to you more quickly. Sometimes you can install it directly on your back without too much explanation. However, some phases will be identical :
• Learn how to breathe on your regulator, slowly and deeply
• Learn how to equalize your ears
• Learn the basic hand signals in order to communicate underwater

Once these steps are complete, the dive begins. Your dive instructor deflates your BC and this is the beginning of your underwater adventure that will takes you up to 6 meters deep for about 20 minutes. Underwater, your first reflex will be to breathe heavily as there is nothing really natural to breathe air underwater. You will slowly be able to adapt yourself no worries. In some places, the instructor will ask you to do some exercises, then you will start to fin kick in order to move around. During that try dive, stress will let the place to wonder with the discovery of a new world. You will quickly realize that this world is even bigger and richer than you would have imagine. This experience will open up a new field of possibilities and you will have only one dream: to pass your first diving level.

Scuba diving gift, the most original present

Offering a diver scuba diving course for a particular event (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day …) is a great idea. It is the guarantee of surprising the other and be sure that the person will remember it forever. Your friends will be jealous not having the same idea. Many people want to try scuba diving, at least once in their life. This is the perfect opportunity. Make it fun and enjoy even yourself by sharing this moment with someone you love!