Is a Snorkel necessary for Scuba Diving? The pros and cons.

by spotmydive

The tuba enables swimmers progressing near the surface to keep going without raising their head up to breathe and gives them the opportunity to fully enjoy their dive. Besides, this scuba diving key element allows divers to save the gas contained in the cylinder, at the beginning and at the end of the experience. Its location is also an advantage as it makes it really easy to reach.

What are the disadvantages of carrying a snorkel?

As it is clipped to the mask, the tuba can create a form of resistance that will prevent you from progressing easily. In deep water or caves, it’s an additional and useless charge that can annoy you while diving. Sometimes, it also clings to hair, algae or any other natural element you encounter during your immersion.

Which kind of snorkel is the best?

To choose the best snorkel, first you have to know that there is different shapes of tubas:

  • – The diameter is a very important feature. A large diameter tuba will force the diver to make strong breathings to have as much fresh air as possible going in the tuba and avoid to accumulate big quantities of carbon monoxide otherwise it would be impossible for the diver to keep breathing in the tuba. The tuba’s width must be higher or equal to the thumb’s.
  • – The length is also a characteristic you need to rely on to make your choice. If the tuba is too long, the diver will have difficulties to breathe, as the air surface pressure and the lungs air pressure won’t be the same.
  • – To prevent water from coming in the tuba, some of them have a curved shape at the end. However, this kind of tubas has been described as dangerous and is highly not advised. Some modern tubas have one or two valves that allows divers to get rid of the water without raising their head from the water. The Ameo Powerbreather is the best in this field.
  • – Flexibles tubas are really convenient for divers that wish to take a tuba in their pocket.

Wearing a tuba or not, choosing the shape of the tuba… These questions only depend on the divers itself, however, we must keep in mind that the tuba can constitute a risk if it’s not absolutely necessary and correctly worn.