Do I Need to Know How To Swim to Scuba Dive?

by spotmydive

Is it necessary to know how to swim to practice scuba diving and snorkeling? This is a frequently asked question by beginners. According to your objectives, the answer will be different, because between a discover scuba diving, a dive course, a fun dive and snorkeling, there is a whole world. Those activities not required the same needs.


Before be aware that going for a solitary snorkeling trip on your own could be really dangerous if you are not a good swimmer, current can be strong or you can get lost, so be careful ! If you go for a snorkeling trip with a group it is different. Many places are accessible to people who cannot swim. People taking care of you will give you a life jacket and help you. However it is highly recommend to be able to swim a little bit if you want to enjoy it. At least you must know how some fin kick technic.

Try dive and discover scuba diving

If you want to discover scuba diving for the first time, you are not mandatory to be a swimmer. You will do scuba diving with a professional divers trained to teach in security. Equipped with a tank, a mask, fins, and a jacket; you will enjoy the beauty of the seabed. But for sure, if you want to fully enjoy this moment, and evolve with ease in the water, it is better to know how to swim. So if you want a small trick, a small swim training with fins will greatly help to you.

Dive courses

To dive with your buddy all over the world you will need to obtain a diving certificates. During the Open Water Diver course, you have to achieve a swimming test: 200 yards swimming nonstop without snorkel and fins or 300 yards with snorkel and fins. Do not forget that diving is sometimes very sporty, so swimming could be essential to get out of all situations. So when you find yourself in the middle of a strong current or big waves, it will then be very useful to you to know how to swim with your fins in order to return quickly to the boat.

What fins suit you the best?

For each activity correspond different pair of fins.
There are numerous ranges, models and prices: swimming fins, scuba diving fins, snorkeling fins or open water swimming fins.