Diving in Paris, Try Dive or pass your Open Water

by spotmydive

What an Idea ? A priori, Paris does not seem to be an amazing diving destination. And yet, thousands of people dive every year into the French capital.

Whether to make an original gift, to try scuba diving by curiosity or to take a diving course before the seaside holidays, booking a dive in Paris can prove to be the beginning of a great adventure. The capital also has numerous centers as well as multiple infrastructures and diving pools allowing you to go underwater under the best conditions.

Moreover, although the capital obviously does not offer the possibility of diving in natural environment unless you wish to dive in the seine river , it is possible to spend a beautiful diving weekend around paris, especially near the Lac des ciments, in Beaumont sur Oise.

Why and how to dive in Paris?

In fact, what is the point of taking a diving course or a diving baptism in the city when it would be possible to wait for the beautiful turquoise waters of our next vacation to get to Water?

Take a scuba diving course in Paris

Doing a FFESSM Level 1 or PADI Open Water course in Paris will allow you to concentrate on fun during your vacation. Indeed, you can spend all the theoretical part as well as the confined water dives during your training in the capital of france in order to keep only your dives in open water for your holidays.

The level 1 diving course consists of a theoretical part that allows you to fully understand and understand the technical part of scuba diving as well as five immersions in confined water allowing to familiarize yourself with your diving equipment and with breathing in under water. But you also have to do four dives in open water that will give you the opportunity to descend to 18 meters deep to familiarize yourself with the underwater flora and fauna. By passing your diving course in paris, you only focus on the theory and confined water dive parts to keep the fun open water for your diving holiday.

In conclusion, if you wish to enjoy your diving trip, the ideal is to prepare your stay by passing the first, more restrictive, part of your diving course in Paris.

Take an freedive course in Paris

The freediving course AIDA or SSI level 1 aims to bring you all the theoretical and practical knowledge so that you can practice the apnea in total safety. The subjects treated are, for example, relaxation, hyperventilation, equalization, body position, rescue and much more. Moreover, the practical part allows you to train to go deeper for longer.

In the same way as for a diving course, having a apnea course in Paris allows to optimize its time in order to take full advantage of the diving sites that you can discover and to explore during your freediving trips. It is best not to spend several days breathing in a swimming pool while the vast ocean and its rich and colorful flora and fauna are waiting for you a few meters away.

In conclusion, a freediving course in Paris will allow you to optimize your time and enjoy the secrets of the ocean during your travels.

Diving for the first time and a diving baptism in paris

Although some divers start directly with their first level of diving, the vast majority prefer to try scuba diving in a framed manner before jumping directly into the a scuba diving course. It is also strongly advisable to start with a try dive because this allows you to learn the basis in safe and supervised conditions with a professional. In addition, it allows you to know the limits of your body and to verify that you have no problem of equalization, breathing or earache underwater.

Moreover, the fact breathing normally underwater is an absolutely unique and extremely interesting experience. Each person will feel the dive differently and the purpose of a try dive is also to test this wonderful sport.

In conclusion, passing trying scuba diving in Paris will allow you to directly know if you are made or not for it and will probably motivate you to go to the next step and will give meaning to your future holidays that will become diving trips. If you feel comfortable underwater and you enjoy the experience, you will not resist the call of the sea and will probably have to spend your first diving course.

The diving centers and deep pools of Paris

The capital has all the necessary facilities for scuba diving. The capital of France has 7 pits allowing wim between 10 and 20 meters of depth. In addition, there are many associations, clubs and diving centers to learn scuba diving.

Diving centers in Paris

Planet Corail

The Corail Diving Center offers dive in Paris, goes to several diving pools and offers a very flexible solution allowing divers to choose the pools and dates that suit them best.

Plongée Equilibre

Plongée Equilibre is a diving center in paris proposing not only Padi courses but also Freediving training. The club offer to try freediving in paris for almost two hours to know if you want to pass your freediving level 1. In addition, the center proposes, to pass the confined water dives and the theory of the open water in order to spend only open water dives during your next holiday and thus, gain several days of pleasures.

Diving pools Ile de France

La Fosse de Charenton

The “Fosse de Charenton”, consists of 2 basins, 5 and 15 meters deep. It is located to the south east of the French capital near the 12th arrondissement and is accessible thanks to the subway stop “Charenton – Schools” on line 8. It is part of the Telemaco-Gouin Sports Palace and is managed by the Commune. It is closed on public holidays.

La Fosse de Saint Denis

La Fosse de Saint Denis allows you to dive in paris up to 10 meters deep and is located within the aquatic center of saint denis La Baleine. It has very good luminosity thanks to 4 large portholes and 6 slabs of glass surrounding the volume of the pool. A first bottom of 25 m² is located at 3 meters depth, thus offering a learning comfort. It is accessible every day of the week at the stop “Basilique Saint Denis” on line 13 of the Parisian subway.

La Fosse de Villeneuve La Garenne

At the forefront, this one-of-a-kind multi-depth diving pool features 2, 5, 10 and 20 meter deep pools that allow you to swim in water heated to 29 ° Celcius. The 20-meter-deep basin is equipped with a movable bottom and a video camera and is under constant surveillance by a UCPA monitor.

The Aqua Hauts-de-Seine diving pool was inaugurated in June 1993 at the initiative of the Hauts-de-Seine General Council. It is accessible by the T1 Tramway line but it is best to get there by car.

La Fosse d’Argenteuil

A little less suitable for diving than the previous ones, the diving pool allows to descend to 10 meters of depth. The best way to get there by public transport is the Train J from Saint Lazare, direction Ermont Eaubonne, stop Sannois, about 40 minutes, of which 20 minutes on foot.

La Fosse de Conflant Saint Honorine

The Saint Honorine confluence diving pool allows to dive to a depth of 20 meters. It is located on the edge of department 78 and 95, and is easily accessible from the A15 via the N184.

Diving near Paris in natural environment

Some clubs offer to dive in a natural environment around the capital. In Beaumont sur Oise, at the Lac des Ciments, the FFESSM plans to open an immense, perfectly clear water course, although a bit fresh, specially equipped for diving.

In Conclusion, taking a diving course in Paris will save you from spending hours in the classroom to learn the theory while your friends will be on the beach or in front of a manta ray. So do not hesitate to book a dive in Paris with Spotmydive.