Can You Scuba Dive During Your Period?

by spotmydive

Does blood attract sharks?

The idea that sharks or school of fish are attracted by blood scared a lot of people. Truth or lies?

Contrary to common belief, sharks are not attract by human blood at all, only by fish blood which arez part of their food chain. This was proven recently by a scientific experienced made by experienced divers. So ladies, do not be afraid, it is not because you have your period that shark will come and turn you around.

Protect yourself before the dive

Do as usual, protect yourself with a tampon, a towel or a menstrual cup, and jump into the water without any fear. On the other hand, you must know that some boats are not equipped with toilets which is quite annoying if you need to change your protection. So a little trick, if are on the pill, simply take another tablet just after finishing the first one in order to avoid having your period. If you plan to go for a long diving trip or you book a one week liveaboards, you will dive without thinking about this for a week or more. Some women are more vulnerable during periods of menstruation. So if on those days you feel more tired than usual, do not force yourself, do not dive, rest a bit and go for a dive when you will feel ready!