Become a Certified Scuba Diver

by spotmydive

You want to feel the fantastic sensation of flying, of evolving in a world populated by fantastic creatures, searching for aquatic treasures or exploring historical wrecks. It’s simple and accessible to everyone! You just have to start your underwater diver training with a try dive also called a Discover Scuba Diving.

Is a try dive necessary to start diving?

To begin with diving, the first step is to find a diving club that seems to fit your profile and constraints city, schedules, language …. Once the center has been found, 3 options are available for you to start scuba diving in the best conditions


  • • I start with a diving baptism
  • • I perform a “Discover Scuba Diving”, which is classical try dive with the possibility, if the formation pleased me, to directly start the Open water PADI or SSI. Bascially your Disover scuba diving try dive will be considered as the first dive of your first level training. Many divers choose this bridge that combines flexibility and learning. To book a Discover Scuba Training dive, you can directly book a normal Try Dive on spotmydive.
  • • I know that it will please me and I directly start with the first level diving course : level 1 CMAS, Open Water PADI, Open Water SSI …

Introduction to diving

To become try diving for the first time, you do not have to learn everything. The dive instructor will train you and teach you the fundamental of scuba-diving


  • • What is the dive equipment vest, regulator, fins, mask, lead, bottle?
  • • How to breathe?
  • • How to properly balance your ears?
  • • How to communicate under water?
  • • How to palm?

Once the theory is understood you will start your first actual dive on a diving site or a swimming pool. Your instructor will take care of your dive gear and help you equip yourself. Once ready and the waistcoat well inflated, it’s time to get wet. At this moment, you start to feel the first sensations. Then you start to palm on the surface, to breathe in the regulator with the head in the water. Once you feel safe and comfortable, your monitor deflates your vest and the underwater adventure finally begins.

Underwater, the diver must remember two important things: to breathe well and to balance his ears. This step is always a bit tricky because you have to take into consideration that this is all new for a beginner. Some people feel a bit of stress but keep calm; everyone is going through that, it’s normal. Also no worries, the monitor watches over you and your security.

Once this adaptation time has passed you will finally feel ready to communicate and palm. Under the supervision of your instructor, the ballad begins at a depth of 1 to 6 meters. Be aware that even if the dive is done at a reduced depth, it is enough to admire a rich marine life especially on the coral reefs or underwater meadows. This dive will surely call many others and this leisure will fully integrate your future holidays.

After your first dive you will not be able to travel and discover new seaside places without going for a dive. All you have to do is to continue your training and improve your skills to go deeper, discover night diving or simply improve your buoyancy.

Become a Responsible Diver

Diving is a good way to educate people about the fragility of ecosystems and the importance of protecting nature.