4 Common Mistakes Every Scuba Diver Should Avoid

by spotmydive

Nobody is perfect and so aren’t the scuba divers. Howbeit, what makes their mistakes too dangerous is that it is altogether an underwater story. As they remain under the blue waters while taking a dive, risk from any of their fault can just double up within the blink of an eye. Although almost all of them end up committing some common mistakes often, they should try every moment to reduce the frequency.

Whether you’re a pro diver or someone who has just started to take the dives, you must try to avoid any kind of such mistakes. This piece of writing is enriched with the information about those blunders that every scuba diver makes. You can read what is written below and make sure to avoid them. Read on

Mistake #1 : Not checking out the buoyancy

If diving entices you the most then there’s a fair chance that you might just jump into the water suddenly out of all the excitement that you’ve and don’t remember to go for a buoyancy check beforehand. It can prove to be one of the most dreary scuba diving mistakes ever.

Of course, there are many factors which can affect buoyancy starting of putting on weight to what kind of scuba diving costume you are wearing, whether you are diving in the fresh water or salt water, if there are the right diving equipment with you or not and so on. If any of the aforementioned points have changed or there’s some problem with your diving gear then your entire diving experience might get spoiled.

Mistake #2 : Don’t take care of the diving gears

While you choose to take a dive then you must assure that you’ve explored the guide to scuba diving essentials before itself. However, many divers forget to do so. Remember, when you are taking a dive then you’re entering into such an environment that you naturally don’t belong to. Hence, your diving gear and other necessities are your life saviours throughout the journey. It is not at all acceptable that you ignore these artefacts.

Thus, it is recommended to always ensure that your gears and diving equipment are at their optimum efficiency. For that, take the following precautionary measures:

  • Scuba divers must rinse their gears before use and clean them while storing away after use.
  • Make sure that your kits are completely dried in a shaded area.
  • You need to ensure that you’re storing your diving equipment and gears in a dust free environment.

Mistake #3 : Not remembering your training

Most of the scuba divers out there often forget their basic diving training while they are underwater which finally end up with menacing results. C’mon! It is not all a smart move to forget implementing what you’ve learnt so far. Hence, this mistake should be always avoided.

The rule of the thumb that you should constantly keep in your mind is always breathing while you are under the water and don’t hold your breath at all. Also, you should remember to ascend slowly at the end of your dive. Finally, make sure that you are not lagging behind to obey the safety stops and decompression stops.

Mistake #4 : Chose the right scuba diving wetsuit

Most of the time, divers forget to wear the right costume while taking their dives which ultimately end up giving them an uncomfortable experience under the water. For example, in the Caribbean sea, it has been seen that most of the amateur divers are often hesitant to don a wetsuit. However, it is a yet another huge mistake that they do.

The right wetsuit is one of the integral parts of standard scuba diver costume. It’s because it can keep the divers warm under the chilled water. Thus, it is one of the smartest approaches to avoid health ailments like hypothermia which is caused due to an extremely chilled surrounding environment. Also, with a wetsuit, divers can protect themselves from accidental coral scratches or coming in contact with any dangerous aquatic life.

Moreover, there are many other mistakes like not following the diving plan, not keeping a track on air consumption under the water, delaying to take the first dive after attaining certification etc. that scuba divers often make. So, you are suggested to be as much mindful as possible while taking your next dive and try to avoid these mistakes all the time. It will certainly end up making you the diving expert gradually and you will also relish comfortable and successful dives always.

Author Bio : Being a full-time blogger, Lyuthar Jacobs holds a passion for writing blogs on travel, lifestyle, and money-saving. Here in above post he is sharing information about common mistakes every scuba diver should avoid.