200 Bar – Website for diving instructors and divemasters

by spotmydive

Becoming a diving instructor is a vocation. It is only after having spent countless hours underwater and diving with many divers, more or less experienced that one really becomes able to manage a group under water. Although becoming a dive instructor has many benefits, this is not an easy job. Moreover, in many places, some diving clubs are closing several month per year and many instructors are tempted to become an international dive instructor. Until now it was particularly difficult to become an international diving instructor. But recently, thanks to 200bar it’s pretty easy to find a job offer for dive instructor around the world. Let us present you 200bar.

Thousands of job offers for diving instructor around the world

With already more than 2500 registered professional divers and hundreds of diving centers around the world, 200 Bar is quickly becoming the international reference for professional diving jobs.

A simple, intuitive and free platform

The website is also really easy to use. Offers are visible publicly, but to access more functionalities and improve the search it is required to create an account. A very intuitive messaging system also allows you to directly discuss with various dive centers or other professionals. In addition, the site is beautiful and free. So we say a big thank you and a congratulation to the team of 200bar.