10 best reasons to go snorkeling

by spotmydive

Snorkeling is a great activity that everyone does from time to time. The snorkeling has become the fashionable activity on all the beaches of the world. There is many reasons for this sucess. For the ones that are not yet practicing, we made this little top 10 good reasons to start snorkeling. And for the fans, it will help you to convince your entourage to accompany you in all your next trip:

1. The practice of snorkeling is accessible to all

There is no excuse for not practicing snorkeling. You don’t need the power of Michael Phelps or the lungs of Guillaume Néry. You do not need to have specific health conditions. Children can accompany adults from the age of 6. In addition, accidents are very rare and you should obviously be careful not to go too far or not to do it while the currents are too strong. Snorkeling is definitely the ideal activity for the whole family.

2. Inexpensive activity

Snorkeling is the most accessible water recreation! Making a nice snorkeling trip will not shatter the level of your bank account! Indeed, it is not necessary to have a high-tech equipment to discover the basics. You can easily buy a snorkeling mask for 20 USD and or buy a pair of fins for 30 USD.

3. Ideal activity to discover the underwater world

The discovery of the seabed can begin with snorkeling. It quickly allows you to observe marine biology and new landscapes. From the edge of the beach, it is possible to approach beautiful fish, sea stars or octopus. It is interesting before going on holiday to the sea, to learn about the underwater fauna and flora because it will increase your desire for adventure!

4. The ideal activity for holidays

To sum up, snorkeling is the ideal activity for your vacation at the water’s edge. Whether with family or friends, you will share unforgettable moments while enjoying a physical activity. You will discover a new world as vast as magnificent and some of the best places in the world for snorkeling

5. Swimming: the most complete sport

Swimming is a sport with many virtues for mental and physical health. Swimming allows muscle and cardiovascular strengthening. In addition, breathing with a snorkel allows you to control and develop your breathing. When swimming, you benefit from the hydro-massage and draining action of the water on your body. Your blood circulation improves and the sensations of heavy legs gradually disappear.

6. A cure for stress

Snorkeling, just like scuba diving and swimming, is one of the best natural remedies for stress. When swimming, you secrete endorphins, also called pleasure hormones. Moreover, thanks to Archimedes’ thrust, you are almost weightless and you hardly feel the weight of your earthly body. You experience a feeling of lightness and incredible well-being.

7. Discover the atmosphere of diving centers

Snorkeling is also a group activity that can be practiced in almost every dive center! You will discover a warm atmosphere where the sharing and transmission of a passion are essential!

8. From snorkeling to diving, there is only one step!

Once you have entered a diving club, you will be tempted to do your first scuba diving. Indeed, once the basics of snorkeling learned, it will only be a step to discover the benefits of scuba diving. As Adolphe Thiers writes: “One strong passion can only be stifled by exciting a stronger.”

9. The best memories

Today, it is possible to make beautiful pictures under water! Feeding your social networks with your best selfies in the company of fish will fascinate all your friends! You will therefore pass on your passion and share this top to encourage them to accompany you ;

10. Unexpected encounters

It is possible to discover spots where rarer species are approachable! We can thanks to the snorkeling swim with :

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