A Wrasse and A Japanese Scuba Diver Are Best Friends For Over 25 years

by spotmydive

A 79 year old Japanese scuba diver is friend with a fish for 25 years! No, no, it is not a joke! Hiroyuki Arakawa is the guardian of a Shinto shrine built under water in the seabed of the Chiba area of southern Japan. During his dives he met, 25 years ago, a very weak Asian sheepshead wrasse, which could no longer feed itself.

The Underwater Diver decided at that time to take care of the fish, bringing him 5 crabs a day, until he was healed. This is the beginning of a long friendship. Since they see themselves almost every day. As soon as Hiroyuki arrives at the sanctuary, he signals his presence by tapping on a bell, and his friend, whom he nicknamed Yorico, hurries to come and swims around him. Hiroyuki can easily caress him, kiss him on his bump and regularly takes selfies that he posts on his Facebook page! “I guess he knows I saved him, that I helped him when he was seriously injured” he said.

Can fish recognize human faces?

Recently studies shown that fishes are able to recognize human faces. One more proof that between those two friends it’s true love and not only interested behavior. This Asian sheepshead wrasse Semicossyphus reticulatus is a gray-colored fish that lives in the seas of Japan, China and South Korea, and feeds on mollusks and crustaceans.