Yoga and diving: compatible activities?

by spotmydive

At first glance, Yoga seems far from the world of diving. In reality, these are two activities that go very well together.
Yoga is often associated, wrongly, with the flexibility of the body. This is the first obstacle that prevents a person from discovering what the true essence of Yoga is. Yoga postures refocus the practitioner on his body and breathing, allowing him to deal with stress, fatigue and emotions. This is why Yoga can be described as a physical and mental practice.
It is essentially this mental work that connects diving and Yoga.
Both activities share one essential common element: breathing.
In diving, as in Yoga, everything focuses on the work of breathing.
The more you breathe slowly and gently, the more you can enjoy your dive safely by consuming less air and prolonging your time underwater. A better control of your breathing also allows a better apprehension of stress.
This is a rule that experienced divers apply to get the most out of the water world.

Yoga and scuba diving, how to breathe ?

This management of breathing is also essential in Yoga, it is even the hard core of Yogic practice. Indeed all yogic movements are studied to realign his back and open his chest, to optimize his breathing flow. The Yoga practitioner will thus adapt his breathing with the movement, prepare the posture in the inspiration and perform it in the exhalation. With regularity, the Yogi yoga practitioner will have a calm and deep breathing even when not practicing.
So when a Yogi Yogini: for women learns to dive or a diver learns to Yoga, he / she will soon realize that a better management of his breathing allows him to enjoy better activity.
The link between diving and Yoga is very strong and they are two very complementary activities.

Diving makes it possible to live the present moment with serenity and comfort in the aquatic environment whereas Yoga allows to live the present moment with peace and ease on the mainland.
The marriage of the two thus make it possible to enjoy the present moment everywhere.

Diving in Nusa Penida

In the world of diving, Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places. The renown of Indonesian sites is well established: various corals and aquatic fauna, water between 18 and 30 degrees, visibility at 30 meters. Indonesia is a major step on the diver’s path.
And Nusa Penida is the rare pearl of the country!
Open recently to tourism, the marine ecosystem of Nusa Penida is still well preserved. It offers about fifteen sites; some known for Manta rays Manta Point, Manta Bay, others for their corals SD / PED / Toyapakeh and especially those where we can see the Mola Mola, the “star” fish of the island.
Penida dive sites also provide drift diving, which trains beginners and toughens experienced divers. All conditions are together for memorable dives that we hope will amaze you.

Yoga in Nusa Penida

Coming to Nusa Penida, you will have the opportunity, in addition to exploring the seabed of the island, to re discover Yoga.
After your dives in the morning, for example, you can practice in the late afternoon a Yoga class in the tranquility of Nusa Penida.
Classes are open to everyone, especially for those who have never practiced. The Yoga teacher is French and was trained in India. He can give classes in English and Spanish, adjust the class according to your level and adapt to divers.
So do not hesitate to enrich your experience by participating in a yoga class.