Why the blue blood of horseshoe crabs can save lives?

by spotmydive

The horseshoe crab is a horseshoe shape arthropod that has barely evolved for at least 445 million years. Today, 4 different species have been identified. The horseshoe crab which seems to resist and fight against everything might soon be registered on the red list of endangered species, because of mankind.

Horseshoe crab blood has miraculous power

Indeed, its blue blood fascinates scientists as it is able to detect bacteria and create clots while contacting. This phenomenon leads to a complete insulation of the bacteria from the rest of the body. Every year, 250.000 horseshoes are caught along the Eastern US coasts, then moved into laboratories where scientists will remove 30% of their blood. The horseshoes are then released into the ocean, but 30% die directly in the lab and 29% other die after being released! Its blood is very rare and very expensive, it actually costs 11.000 euro per liter. Fishing horseshoes is consequently a profitable activity. Men excessively fish it in order to cook it, particularly in Asia where people use it as a lure in the eel fishing. Fortunately, it begins to be protected in some areas. If we leave this fish alone, it is able to live in deep waters for 30 years, feeding on little fishes and crustaceans.