What are the benefits of seaweed in beauty products?

by spotmydive

With no doubt, will you question the need to present such a subject in our magazine… There are, however, obvious links between natural skin care and scuba diving.
The first is the fact that when you are underwater, your skin dries on contact with salt-laden seawater. It is therefore important to hydrate at the end of each diving day so as not to resemble, at the end, to a sea cucumber. Is this the right image?
The second undeniable point is that the sea reveals resources with recognized benefits of which seaweed is one of the most emblematic examples. Cosmetic brands that best represent their qualities, have therefore all the legitimacy to be well known to divers.

Are algae a dermato-compatible organism?

Algae are living organisms capable of photosynthesis that generally live in the aquatic environment. They are a very important part of the biodiversity and are the mainstay of freshwater, saline and marine food chains. Some species of seaweed bathe in seawater, a liquid similar to that in which our cells are bathed. Algae have similarities with our body which makes them dermato-compatible. The elements contained in a cream based on seaweed will therefore be accepted and readily absorbed by our skin because each seaweed brings real benefits.

Do algae have multiple properties?

Brown algae or Phaeophycean

The brown alga is harvested on the north coast of Finistère in France. It has a unique mineral content trace elements. Their properties are used for shaping and thinness Laminaria digitata. The alginic acid contained in the brown algae is applied as a gel. It has the effect of softening the skin, nourishing it and possibly repairing it. Teenagers can even use it for their acne by applying it on their pimples.

Red algae or Rhodophyceae

Red algae not only have antioxidants that slow the aging of the skin but also many proteins that strengthen the elasticity of the tissues.
They are used as extract in moisturizing care and provide the skin with calcium and magnesium. The extract of Mastocarpus Stellatus, a small red alga is rich in sugar and vitamin A, helps to soothe the skin, stimulates natural defenses and fight against dehydration.

Green algae or Chlorophycea

The green algae is very rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins. It also has a rare sugar called Rhamnose that nourishes the skin and also acts against its aging.

Blue-green algae or Cyanophycea

The blue algae is a unicellular alga living only in freshwater and is only observable
under the microscope. Among these microalgae, one of them, Spirulina is very rich in protein and carotene which makes it effective to improve the tone of the skin.
Spirulina, a blue-green microalga, lives naturally in freshwater, and is rich in protein. It densifies the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

A brand of natural Breton cosmetics

France is rich in a unique coastline but also a lot of talent. It is in the department of Finistère that the Science and Ocean Laboratories Laboratoires Science et Mer, in 1986, were born. At the time, they developed and supplied marine cosmetics to the Thalassotherapy Centers, Spa and Wellness Centers of the region: enough to develop for major brands of cosmetics, more than 350 natural formulas based on the best active marine ingredients.

In 2006, Laboratoires Science et Mer launched their own brand of marine cosmetics for the pharmacy market. The “Science et Mer” brand, in collaboration with the IUEM of Brest and the Lebham Laboratory of Ecophysiology and biotechnology of halophytes and marine algae, has identified new marine active ingredients on more than 800 species of algae that you will find in a range of 22 products with delicate perfumes and ultra-cocooning textures … The Science et Mer brand is distributed in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Let’s mention some seaweed favorites:

Natural scrub with seaweed – melting peel

This natural gain-free scrub with Chondrus crispus red algae extract gently exfoliates and purifies the skin. The skin regains a new youth and a radiant appearance.

Natural cleansing milk with seaweed – make-up remover

This natural cleansing milk gently removes makeup and impurities from the face and eyes. This care with the extract of red algae Mastocarpus restores the skin.

Natural anti-wrinkle cream with algae – day care normal skin

Smooth your wrinkles, tackle the aggression of time for a visibly rejuvenated face with this wrinkle cream with Spirulina extract.