Tips to prevent seasickness?

by spotmydive

Mystery about seasickness : understand it and combat it

All of us can face seasickness once in our life you readers and I, whether we are travellers on a cruise or professionals in marine navigation.
That very widespread pathology but still much unknown can have adverse effects in both short and long terms.
Fortunately, easy tips and tricks allow us to better understand that phenomenon in order to enjoy our excursion.
To those who would like to escape or to be as comfortable as a fish in water, this article is made for you.

Let’s start with a bit of history to better identify the topic.

Seasickness which denomination is naupathie belongs to common transport diseases that all of us can face during a trip.
That phenomenon is the result of a dysfunction which impacts the inner ear.
Its effects can go from vertigo to vomiting and in the worst case an hospitalisation is possible.
But don’t worry, be happy Sailors ! There’s a solution to everything.

How to prevent seasickness !

Indeed, you must have a healthy lifestyle. In other words, be physically and mentaly safe and during boarding, protect yourself, breathe fresh air and also hydrate… incredible for a trip on water, isn’t it ?
Finally, nowadays thanks to the emergence of new technologies, it’s possible to efficiently fight these damn nauseas that ruin our trip.
A good example that we can mention is the super glasses Boarding Ring which permit to adapt eyes and brain to the moves of waves for a soothing effect as a lullaby’s sweet melody would do. Moreover, there exists a bracelet which prevents seasickness based on acupuncture to disminish dizziness.
And if you’re not confident enough with all that, how about a good sophrology session with a healthcare practitioner ?
In any case, there are diverse possibilities to tackle a bad seasickness. The choice is yours and hoist the sails !