Skin rashes while diving, how to fix it?

by spotmydive

Skin irritations are common in divers and can become very annoying during a dive. These can fortunately be avoided, and a treatment exists in case of irritation on one of the parts of your body.

What are these irritations?

Skin irritations are quite common among scuba diving practitioners. They are characterized by redness of the skin that translate by skin inflammation. These rashes can cause lesions that can trigger burns if local heat increases. When you dive, irritations come from rubbing your skin with the inside of your suit. The parts of the body most frequently affected by dive irritations are the neck and armpits. In these places, it is essentially the seams of your suit that cause irritation that can also appear on other parts of the body due to a combination too rough and poorly maintained.

What are the cures for skin irritation?

Choose your diving suit with care

You also need to pay attention to the swimsuit you put under your suit. Gentlemen, this model is not everyone’s taste, swimwear is, by far, the best swimsuit to avoid skin irritation in the crotch, snout or testicles.

Option to use a rash guard

You can also invest in a rash guard, which is a fine piece of clothing that you can put under your suit. Most of these clothes are specially designed for diving, have flat seams, and UV protection. They are perfect for you, but also ideal for all kinds of water sports. They will prevent irritation caused by your combination. These protections prevent irritation caused by the friction of the thighs.

Applying an anti-irritation cream

As you know, Spotmydive likes cosmetics that respect nature. That’s why we told you about EQ Love sun creams that protect you from the sun, without damaging corals! Good news, EQ Love also offers an anti irritation product that will allow you to calm your irritations due to the friction of your combination or your BCD. The soothing SOS treatment moisturizes and intensely repairs dry skin subjected to extreme weather conditions or friction. This organic care is 99% of natural origin so do not hesitate to use it!

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Are there grannie’s remedies to avoid scalding irritations?

On the diving boats, we were able to observe some clever divers perform a curious ritual before diving into the water. Indeed, to avoid possible irritation due to friction and seawater, these divers cover the inside of their combination of liquid soap! This practice, quite special at first glance, would avoid any irritation.

Unfortunately, there is still a problem. In most cases, the products used are toxic to the body and marine life. This is why we strongly recommend that you use without any hesitation the 99.1% sulfate-free shower shampoo of natural origin without paraben, silicone or PEG and Certified Organic by Ecocert from EQ LOVE.

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If you have other tips and tricks to avoid irritation, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!