Scuba diving anti-stress therapy ?

by spotmydive

Is diving good against stress ?

Good news for anxious and stressed people ! A scientific study just prove that scuba diving decrease drasticly the amount of stress and have also other therapeutic virtues. Doctors and scientists from three French research institutes The French Hospitals, the University of Aix-Marseille and The biomedical research institute of the army studied during a one year period different divers with different profiles, from beginners to the most passionate. All these candidates had in common to be under great pressure in their lives everyday. The final result established a strong link between the practice of scuba diving and its ability to reduce stress.

Why diving is relaxing ?

One of the first thing you learn during your try dive or your first open water dive is to understand how to breath underwater. Once the regulator is in your mouth, you should try to breath deep and slow. Like Yoga and Sophrologie, this way of breathing help people to calm down, slow heart beat and avoid shortness of breath.

Scientist also demonstrate that diving between 20 and 30 meters is the most relaxing depth. An explication could come from the pressured air we inhale underwater, this pressured gaz apparently affect the diver neurologically, influencing its feeling of well-being.

May be now we could imagine to use rooms supplied with compressed air to cure people suffering from extreme anxiety !