Save the Coral Reefs, Choose the Right Sunscreen

by spotmydive

Although coral reefs cover only 0.1% of the ocean’s surface, they are home to more than 25% of the world’s marine biodiversity, or 1 to 3 million species.

Coral reefs in danger of extinction

Each year, corals suffer a slaughter of their troops. World Heritage jewel, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has lost nearly 30% of its coral, threatening one of the greatest diversities of marine life. In addition to rising temperatures, corals suffer pollution from the marine world, the invasion of predators such as Acanthaster or the toxicity of some sunscreens and cosmetics. Each year, more than 6,000 tons of sunscreen are released on coral reefs. It is to provide an alternative to products that are harmful to the environment that some brands are positioning themselves with ranges that respect marine ecosystems. Mlle Agathe is one of them.

Which sun care to choose to protect the oceans?

Mlle Agathe, an organic brand made of snail slime.

Mlle Agathe is an atypical brand in the field of organic cosmetics as all her products are made from snail slime. Yes, you read correctly, snail slobber! The properties of snail slime are a real treasure of nature, the snail with the ability to heal itself and self-regenerate thanks to its mucus. It is rich in collagen, elastin and allantoin proteins. Components that stimulate the production of antioxidants.

The benefits of snail slime

The virtues of snail slime are recognized since ancient Greece. The healing properties of this salivate allow:

  • Prevention of skin aging due to sun exposure
  • Minimize the damage caused by free radicals causing premature aging of the skin
  • Improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • To permanently erase wrinkles
  • To reduce burns, scars as well as acne pimples and severe eczema.

100% organic production

Mlle Agathe brand is very concerned about the respect of the animal as well as that of its life cycle. A very demanding specification is scrupulously respected from the breeding until the harvest 100% manual mucus, carried out by snail without torturing or stressing the animal. The COSMOS ORGANIC label consolidates the organic and ecological approach of the brand.

Organic sunscreen that respects the oceans


98.8% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

95% of the total vegetable ingredients are from organic farming.

22% organic snail slime extract harvested by hand.

If you are looking for an effective protection against the harmful effects of the sun and without controversial ingredients for their harmfulness towards your skin and the environment, discover this high protection organic certified sunscreen. This product does not contain any chemical filters suspected to be endocrine disruptors for humans and ecotoxic for the aquatic environment. The formula is waterproof and is non-greasy. Enriched with 22% snail extract for the healing and regenerating action of allantoin and for these naturally occurring vitamin E and C vitamins, Mlle Agathe’s sunscreen helps soothe the skin of oxidative stress and responds to inflammation due to sun exposure.


99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

95% of the total vegetable ingredients are from organic farming.

11% organic snail slime extract harvested by hand.

This other product may be of interest to divers wishing to easily slip into their suit while having the guarantee that the product does not affect the marine environment. Its formula contains a gentle cleansing base, with a complex of natural and organic extracts of orange blossoms, aloe vera, and snail slime that bring softness and comfort to the skin.