Organic sunscreen, which ones are respectful of the oceans?

by spotmydive

It is true that you have a profile rather pro nature ecologist defender of the environment admirer of the beauties of the seabed … Your next destination probably takes shape and you will soon study websites and shops to find the right swimsuit ? But if your sexy swimsuit is essential, a bad choice of sunscreen could spoil the holidays of your next 10 years! Yes because if your swimsuit can lose its colors by passing it in washing fast 90 °, corals under the assault of our sunscreens tend to lose their superb because we prevent them from breathing for pure narcissism …

Effects of solar creams on the environment

If I told you that nature can teach us everything and that its ecological economic business model is perfect : what would you think about it ? The nature doesn’t waste anything and everything is recyclable, remember that it is a living library perfectible to infinity. If Samsung studies cuttlefish when they do not have vocation to become veterinary it is because they observed that they knew how to self-repair and using less energy … Each element in our ecosystem has its utility and the corals have a vital role in underwater life, we could compare them to protective trees of the forests. Free hosts, multitudes of small fish live there before reaching maturity and once they are strong enough to front hostile environment, they will pass this famous barrier reef. But the corals are very fragile, and they are probably the first species to disappear because of our direct mistakes. Putting sunscreens with chemical filters therefore prevents the sea from breathing, and corals can not do their work of photosynthesis to finaly whiten and die. If coral reefs disappear all the biodiversity will be disturbed, the death of coral is a major ecological disaster, because if the ecosystem of the fence dies, fish, wildlife will disappear with them.
Whenever you protect yourself with a “chemical” sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, it’s about ¼ of the cream that stays in the water, and to count all our baths it is 4000 tons waste discharged into the oceans year-round and not recyclable. In recent years we have been helpless face of the disappearance of the barrier, the white coral is dying and this gangrene continues to grow because our behavior does not change. In Réunion it is more than 3000 species that are threatened whereas it is possible to stem this phenomenon with natural filters.

Prohibit chemical sunscreens?

A country at least an ecological park in Riviera Maya in Mexico has taken the initiative to ban chemical creams to protect nature and animal and plant species have been preserved for 20 years. To protect this little aquatic paradise, sun creams are prohibited, and panels are reminiscent everywhere in the park. A chemical anti-sunscreen brigade makes rounds to ensure the cooperation of tourists,then to swim with Flipper you will need to get a biodegradable cream with natural filter. Buy a natural product without these forbidden ingredients: benzophenone, butil metoxydibenzoilmétane, octyl metoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate, oxybenzone. By prohibiting these chemical filters that pollute our seas they preserve their environment and tourism is flourishing more and more … They understand that the chemical creams rise to the surface and prevent sun rays from entering the water and without sun some of the aquatic flora will disappear but it is flora which provides food to the fish … The lagoon would become completely sterile because the nature could not feed the fish anymore and therefore the fish would go away to find happiness elsewhere: QED … To swim with a « green conscience » this particular club proposes an equivalent solution, a natural cream respectful of the environment. These creams have very effective mineral filters and are water resistant without chemicals. To tan in good conscience and safety, you will need to get a cream with natural filters: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the essential components. They are very effective without penetrating the skin so anticarcinogenic, bio shops and pharmacy offer and the price is between 13 and 20 euros but their protection index does not exceed 30.

What if the mineral filters are not powerful enough?

You will ask me what should I do, protect myself with index 50 with “classic” products and avoid me skin cancer or tan bio with an index 30? It’s a tough choice and it’s true that skin cancer has doubled in the last 10 years! Exposure to the sun is a real public health problem, so it’s better to protect yourself by avoiding extreme exposure since the beginning because to stop the ultraviolet, hat is the best solution … Observe our reefs corals is taking the pulse of our planet, and if the corals continue to disappear, it is the end of 1 billion ½ people who survive thanks to this barrier ! If you want to continue to admire the idyllic landscapes of a thousand colors and vibrate with us, protect yourself I speak of a cream with natural filter you will appreciate only the landscapes better! We will soon inform you to advise you about the best eco-friendly creams on our site SpotMyDive soon so have a good swim!

Organic sun cream, which brands to choose?


Bio products with snail slime

Mlle Agathe is an atypical brand in the field of organic cosmetics as all her products are made from snail slime. Yes, you read correctly, snail slobber! The properties of snail slime are a real treasure of nature, the snail with the ability to heal itself and self-regenerate thanks to its mucus. It is rich in collagen, elastin and allantoin proteins. Components that stimulate the production of antioxidants.


Certified organic and ecological

This French natural cosmetics brand was founded by a globe-trotter, entrepreneur and passionate surfer concerned about its ecological impact. The brand EQ LOVE offers a range of cosmetics certified organic by Ecocert® and labeled Cosmebio®, eco-designed for a perfect balance between your lifestyle and respect for the environment. The range of sun care with protective screens 100% of mineral origin and not ecotoxic for the marine environment does not contain chemical filters that pollute the oceans nor parabens, PEG, synthetic perfumes, alcohol or pesticides. Only pure, beneficial and eco-friendly ingredients.


Biodegradable Sunscreen Without Oxybenzone