How to prevent and stop cramps while scuba diving?

by spotmydive

All divers are not immune to cramp, this painful muscle contraction, in the calves or feet.

How to avoid cramps ?

  • – The muscles used during the dive are not the same as those used while walking, it is more than advisable to stretch the muscles of the leg, thigh, and ankle regularly.
  • – Poor hydration can also be the cause of cramps, it is important to drink before and after the dive, preferably minerals enriched water.
  • – The potassium and magnesium intake is also recommended, we must give priority to vegetables and dried fruits but also to wholemeal food in our diet.
  • – In case of cold water, choose a suitable combination according to the temperature.
  • – And finally do not forget that fins should suit your size

How to stop cramps ?

To relieve the pain:

  • – Stop
  • – Push the heel forward
  • – Massage the painful area

You can get help from your partner , it’s even better ! In case of repetition , do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Photo ©Into the blue scuba dive center