EQ Love, an eco-friendly brand

by spotmydive

If you are in love with the seabed and their fauna, you are certainly very attached to their preservation. Among the many causes of pollution, we must not forget the cosmetic products with which we bathe. EQ Love has developed organic cosmetics and accessories made responsibly. Being a brand respectful of the environment and man, that’s what EQ Love did!

An eco-friendly manufacturing

EQ Love is a French brand of cosmetics and accessories made with a real desire to respect nature. Founded by a globetrotter, surfer concerned about its ecological impact, all their ranges of cosmetic products are certified BIO and Ecocert. This means that the composition of each product is 95% natural. Some of their products, like their shower shampoo, contain 99% natural ingredients. Thus no paraben, silicone or PEG are present in their manufacture. This concern for the environment is also found in the making of their accessories fully recyclable and containing no toxic residue. Their packaging also meets stringent ethical criteria, as does their production line, which is regularly monitored by Ecocert. Of course, no test is done on our animal friends!

A range of natural products

EQ Love offers products made from natural ingredients to preserve the earth as much as the sea and its beautiful corals. The latter are today threatened by the activity of man and, in particular, by the cosmetic products found in the ocean. EQ Love has developed a range of sunscreens composed of 99% natural ingredients and without any chemical filters.

But the sun protection is not the only one to pollute and EQ also offers moisturizing creams and oils to repair the skin after a trip to the sea or for everyday use as protective care for hair extremely sensitive to the sun and UV. Athletes are entitled to a special range, including, for example, a soothing SOS treatment to reduce the irritation caused by diving suits.

A diversified offer

In addition to their multiple cosmetic products, EQ Love offers sports accessories made in harmony with the environment. Their yoga mats in original design are completely recyclable, without latex, PVC or rubber. It is made from a patented TPE foam.

The earplugs of EQ are also recyclable but above all high performance, which earned them a price in 2010. This technology was developed with health professionals and Sympatex, pioneer in the field of Durable functional textiles, to provide maximum protection. Outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially divers, expose their ears to external aggression. In perfect harmony with their values, EQ also offers natural room fragrances made from 100% natural wax and natural incense. If you are near Biarritz, the cradle of surf culture, you can take a tour in their shop and find all their products.