Does sunscreen while scuba diving threatens coral reef ?

by spotmydive

In tropical areas, divers apply sunscreen on their skin to prevent it from suffering from harmful sun rays. Yet, people must be aware that diving and sunscreen do not go along well!

Indeed, solar products, creams or oils, act like filters against UV ultraviolet but unfortunately they promote the development of infections destroying Zooxanthellae micro algae required for the development of coral. This is the reason why some marine reserves begin to ban the use of products that contain chemical filters. Non-biodegradable, they cause many allergies, in addition they are a real danger to the corals. Fortunately, you can find solar products with mineral filters, safe for the skin and less aggressive for the marine ecosystem. Today 50% of coral reefs are in danger, so this is more than sensible for divers to adopt a civic behaviour by protecting themselves with hats, sunglasses and appropriate clothing. When this is not possible, they should only use mineral filter products.