Dive holidays in Gangga Island Resort & Spa in Manado

by spotmydive

The beautiful island of Gangga is located off the coast of Manado in North Sulawesi. Backed by lush green hills and looking out onto a white sand beach, Gangga Island Resort and Spa gives you the feeling of having discovered a real paradise on earth as soon as you get off the boat.

A high-end resort

The Gangga Island Resort and Spa complex has 15 beautiful beachfront bungalows. These are built in the local Minahasa style. Each bungalow Superior and Deluxe has 2 separate bedrooms that can be arranged according to your requirements king size bed / 2 twin beds / 3 twin beds.

Rooms are elegantly furnished with dark wood and local textiles. Amenities include air conditioning, satellite TV, kettle and Wi-Fi. The 12 deluxe rooms have recently been refurbished with a completely redesigned bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer wonderful sea views.

The resort features an open-air restaurant and a bar. The main restaurant, located in the center of the complex, serves Mediterranean and Indonesian dishes made from top quality local ingredients. Comfortably seated under the coconut trees at the front of the resort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious fish barbecue once a week. The bar serves cocktails, cold beers and other refreshments day and night.

Diving in the Celebes Sea

North Sulawesi is a fantastic playground for scuba diving enthusiasts. The island of Gangga is located in a convergence zone of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, which explains the great variety of underwater landscapes and the incredible array of marine species.

It is a favorite diving destinations for underwater photographers who will find a wide selection of macro subjects: seahorses, shrimp, frogfish, and nudibranchs. During nocturnal excursions, you may be lucky enough to observe the ritual of mating Mandarin fish on Lihaga Island, a few minutes boat ride from the resort.

Day trips to Bangka Island and Bunaken National Marine Park are perfect for deeper dives on underwater cliffs and pinnacles. Near the islands of Talisei and Bangka, hard and soft corals grow in a rich environment and make this place a sanctuary for scorpion fish, ghost fish, crocodile fish and many other species.

Discovering North Sulawesi

Because of its proximity to the mainland, Gangga Island is a greatood starting point for exploring the region. Day trips to mountain villages and archaeological sites can be booked directly at the hotel. Finally anOne of the most popular excursions is to the Tangkoko Nature Reserve will allow you to discoverwhere you will see the smallest primate in the world: the tarsier.