Burn victim covered with fish skin in pioneering new treatment

by spotmydive

Do you know that its skin could heal second degree burns?

The tilapia is an African carp living in fresh waters and apparently its skin is magical to cure burns. This is what clinical tests are trying to prove. Currently the José Frota Institute in Fortaleza, hospital specialized on burns in Brazil, is working on it.
Today banks of human skin is not enough and have great difficulty to responded requests, that is why Brazilian researchers are looking for other alternatives.

The proteins of collagen, is an excellent natural healing and there is plenty contained in the skin of the tilapia. This is the main reason why scientist have oriented their research on that fish.
The skin of this fish, once washed and sterilized, is applied to burned skin and greatly help the patient.

The advantages of this technique are numerous:

– Less pain

– Faster healing

– Great moisture of the skin

– Less infections

Now we are just impatiently waiting for the scientific conclusions of this research. Hope this will help lots of people.