Alaska: discovery of a green sponge against cancer

by spotmydive

Latrunculia austini is a small green sponge that lives off Alaska.
Discovered in 2005 by Bob Stone, a research scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOOA. Many research on that sponge has been made recently. This i why, Fred Valeriote, a researcher at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute in Detroit, found that his molecules were capable of destroying the cancer cells of the pancreas by targeting and killing them selectively.

Until now, no test has been performed on humans, research is limited to laboratory only. But scientists already know that this sponge is a hope for this particularly aggressive cancer, against which science is practically powerless.
These small green sponges live in the deep sea and are therefore difficult to harvest. Moreover, to obtain a kilo of molecules, 80 sponges are necessary, the scientists now try to synthesize them.

Scientists, Hamman and Valeriote, have long understood that the ocean and sponges in particular are a manna for treating diseases. “Of the eight products most commonly prescribed to treat cancer, half are natural products,” says Hamann.
Sponges cannot move, so they created sophisticated chemicals to survive and escape their predators. Once again the ocean may be the savior of humanity. More than ever we must protect it!