Why Paralenz is making a great Impact on divers and snorkelers ?

by spotmydive

Due to the simplicity and quality of the Paralenz Dive Camera, it has started to make an impact on the way divers capture and share their underwater footage, and with good reason!


All the gear, no idea

It’s funny how the ease and simple format of the leading action camera brands become completely distorted the minute you want to bring it under water. The amount of accessories and add-ons needed will make any diver run out of air even before they jump in. Diving is an equipment heavy sport and having to add an action camera into the mix with filters that break, fall off or gets scratched and a housing that eventually leaks, is just one burden to many and you will often find yourself having spent 100’s of dollars on something that will end up taking more space in your sock drawer than pictures under water. This is where the Paralenz Dive Camera steps in with the first all in one camera solution for divers – Quality recordings with beautiful colors, straight out of the camera with no need for filters and housings.



We want quality underwater videos, made easy

While diving you just want to enjoy the dive and not be bothered by constantly checking and adjusting settings and filters on your camera, not to mention worrying about if the camera is recording or not while you are encountering a 7 meter Whale Shark for the first time. Even after the dive you still have to go through each picture or video These concern were very real before the Paralenz Dive Camera emerged. Now you don’t even have to look at the camera as the Paralenz vibrates to let you know if you just started recording or which mode you set it in.


The Paralenz is all you will ever need

The Paralenz Dive Camera is waterproof to 200 meters right out of the box and lets you jump straight in without having to sit with shaky hands to close a housing that is constantly being suspected of being the future culprit to a flooded camera and lost memories. Another huge benefit that makes this a perfect action camera for diving, is the fact that you don’t need external color filters to capture beautiful footage. The depth-controlled color correctionDCC™ continuously changes the colors in the image based on depth, which is the equivalent of bringing 100’s of individual color filters and changing them, every time you descent or ascent just a bit. No hassle, just dive!


It all adds up in the end

When it comes to the cost of the Paralenz Dive Camera you are getting a lot more than what you pay for! To bring other action camera brands under water you need to buy additional filters, a water proof casing and mounts to actually use the camera. Compare the results of this cumbersome bundle with the combined features and user experience of the Paralenz Dive Camera and you will clearly see that this is the one camera that, by far, gives the most bang for your buck! Aside from getting a product actually built for divers, you also support a team dedicated to their passion for creating tech solutions for divers and ocean conservation.

Check out the Paralenz World Facebook Group and watch videos from the users of the Paralenz Dive Camera.