Whiteshark MIX, World’s Smallest Water Scooter

by spotmydive

After the Airbuddy, the Scorkl or the MiniDive, here is a newcomer, the Sublue WhiteShark Mix. This propulsion unit is positioned as the smallest underwater scooter in the world suitable for both snorkeling, snorkeling and scuba diving. A call for crowdfunding has been launched for several days on the Indigogo platform and has already achieved its objectives.

WhiteShark MIX, what is it?

A lot of underwater propulsion systems are available on the market. Diving, free diving or snorkeling enthusiasts are fond of new sensations. That’s why, more and more dive clubs are offering to their guest new activities such as underwater scooter. Several models dominate the market such as the famous and high quality Seabob.

In order to make this accessory more affordable to the general public, the Chinese company Sublue Tech has devised an underwater scooter that would be small, light and easy to use. The propulsion device uses a system with two propellers positioned on each side.

To start them, the two triggers must be pressed simultaneously and if you want to stop you will just have to release them. This device is for everyone, children to adult. The propellers are located behind a guard to prevent injury. If it escapes you, its ballast will give it a positive buoyancy, so once lost the Whiteshark will go up gently to the surface.

Technical specifications and prices

  • Max speed: 5,56 km/h
  • Weight: 2kg700
  • Max Depth: 40 meters
  • Battery: électric
  • Battery length: 1 heure
  • Price: 437€ 499$

Our impressions

The underwater scooter market is still a niche market today. The WhiteShark Mix is designed to be the smallest and lightest in the range. The design is quite futuristic similar to a spaceship. However, we are wondering if the speed of that product will be enough.

After viewing some videos of presentation we still have some doubt, it doesn’t seems that powerful. We do not think, therefore, that this product can guarantee this famous “sensation of speed” to an adult and even less to a diver with his stuff and the tank on his back. This product probably targets more swimmers, snorkelers, free divers than scuba divers. If you are interested in this product, do not hesitate to visit its Indigogo page.

If you have tested the product, please share your feelings with us in the comments.