What is The Best Dive Regulator For You?

by spotmydive

The dive regulator is an essential part of the diver’s equipment, that is why it must be chosen with great care. Many criteria should be considerate: price, model, brand, range and technology.

What is a regulator?

You cannot dive without a regulator, it is the part that allow you to breath underwater. It is composed of:
A first stage link to the diving tank. This part regulate the very high pressure of the tank 200 bars to a lower pressure from 8 to 11 bars depending on the model.
Then there is the second stage. That part is the one you put in your mouth to breath, here again it decrease the pressure to be equivalent to the ambient pressure.

What model of regulator should you chose?

There is six big families of regulators, each one correspond to a different kind of divers :

Regulator for dive center

They are systematically unbalanced entry-level regulators that meet the requirements of diving clubs, they are made to be really resistant and used frequently with low-maintenance needs. As they are unbalanced, the breathing comfort won’t be the best especially at depth or in particular positions like head down. However, today, more and more dive center decide to invest in balanced regulators.

Price range: between 150 and 200 €.

The most famous:

Scubapro MK2 EVO R095 173,45€
Mares Prestige 194,95€
Aqualung Core 240,95€
Beuchat VRT 156,95€
Cressi AC2/Compact 137,95€

Cheapest balanced regulator

With a balanced first stage the breathing comfort won’t change at depth even if your tank is near empty.

Price range:
between 200 and 400€.

The most famous:

Scubapro Mk11 C350 220,45€
Aqualung Titan 365,95€
Beuchat VRT 90 242,45€
Cressi Master Titanium T10 283,95€

Travel regulator

In response to divers requirements and guidelines from tour operators, manufacturers have introduced models of regulators that are adapted for travelling. The size and weight have been reduced and the performance is equivalent to a compensated regulator. These are good arguments for seducing globe-trotters. However, they could be in certain point more fragile, you should take care of them more frequently.

Price range: between 250 and 400€.

The most famous:

Scubapro MK25 Evo S600 491,45€
Aqualung Mikron 298,45€
Beuchat V-Twin 246,95€
Cressi Compact Pro MC9 192,45€

High quality regulator

Brand reputation, those regulators are eyes catchers and are technological gems. This range is distinguished from the mid-range regulators by higher performances on a number of criteria: breathing comfort, noise, resistance, ergonomics and esthetic.

Price range :
between 450€ and 900€.

The most famous:

Scubapro MK25 Evo A700 INT 619,45€
Mares Abyss 22 Navy II INT 429,45€
Aqualung Legend Lux Supreme ACD 575,95€
Poseidon Xstream 548,95€

Nitrox regulator

if you are used to do a lot of Nitrox dive, you must consider buying a special regulator. These models adapted to the use of super-oxygenated mixtures are manufactured with materials chosen to guarantee maximum safety. These regulators are easily recognizable by their green color “Nitrox”.

Price range
: between 150€ and 300€.

The most famous:

Scubapro MK25 Evo S560 Nitrox 467,95€
Mares Abyss 52 Nitrox 304,95€
Aqualung Calypso Nitrox 199,45€

Cold water regulator

Normal regulators are designed to withstand temperatures of 10 °C. Manufacturers have developed a series that allows cold water lovers to exercise their passion all year round. These models support the phenomenon of icing which occurs at temperatures close to 0 °C thanks to a system of heating of the air in the first and second stages.

Price range : between 500€ and 700 €.

The most famous:

Apeks MTX-R 253,95€
Mares Abyss 22 Navy II 429,45€
Aqualung Legend Glacia 409,45€

Divers, now you know all these, you can easily make your choice!

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