We Tried Paralenz ! World’s Greatest Action Camera for Scuba Diving?

by spotmydive

You soon go diving and you want to immortalize your underwater adventures in video. Good news, during my last trip to the Bahamas I did test for you the famous Paralenz, this new mini camera made by divers for divers. Traditional action cam have recurring problems such as waterproofing, color of the image due to depth or stability. And very often we have to buy extra materials in order to get a result that is barely correct. The expectations are great, the manufacturer promises a camera: small, light, ultra-resistant, that does automatically the white balance, recording the data of our dives and correcting the color without adding any filter.


Paralenz: Spotmydive review



First of all the design: there is nothing to complain about the Paralenz camera. A licked design, small and light, it can be easily transported in its case or naked in your bag. A huge difference in comparison to my Go Pro set that includes various housing, filters and hangers system. I travel lighter, the test begins well. The camera can be worn on my mask, my glove, my helmet or just to be held in the hand like a torch. Personally not being a big fan of head attached, I did test the paralenz camera on my hand. In the water its use is quite simple, I can choose the mode video, photo, slow motion etc. simply by turning a ring on the handle. To shoot or take photos, a slide button that is operated with the thumb is perfectly positioned on this underwater camera. The use is simple, there is even a mini screen at the back, giving us the state of the battery, the mode used and the remaining space on the SD card. I was able to test the Paralenz in waters ranging from the surface to 30 meters depth with a visibility ranging from 5 meters a lot of particles that day to 20 meters. The autonomy is about 2h30, much more than all the other underwater action cameras.


Best underwater camera 2018 ?


In use no complaints, I am super happy with this product. Now I need to check the quality of my footages. And here again the good news is at the rendezvous. The quality is great, the DCC mode adjusting the white balance and colors automatically, allows to make wonderful 4K videos and high quality photos. Despite the fact that there is no LCD, the framing is intuitive and none of my videos is a “fail”, but it should be noted that it is necessary to stay stable and manage its buoyancy so that images do not move too much. But as an experienced diver you will have no worries about using this mini diving camera. The Paralenz is by far the best action camera for diving I’ve tested, and I’ve tested a lot. Small extra, the camera records your data during the dive and can bring you back the data afterwards. I have not tested this feature. Same for there “3rd person viewer” available at their web shop: https://www.paralenz.com/third-person-viewer. The camera will produce .srt files with the depth and time, that you can add as subtitles to your videos. You can also turn overlay on in the camera settings to get the depth and time place in the video for you. The Paralenz camera is our favorite underwater innovation for 2018, there is no reason for us to go dive without it!

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Paralenz price


The Paralenz will cost you 749€ in Europe. The camera is quite expensive, but if adding all the extras needed for a traditional cam action, your GoPro will probably cost more for a lower quality. So don’t hesitate to compare GoPro6 versus Paralenz depending on your need.



    • – Easy to use thanks to its unique button


    • – Great quality


    • – Waterproof to 200 meters, no housing needed


    • – Wide angle and great framing


    • – Really good post-sale customer service


    • – Possible to use it at distance, with the “3rd person viewer” available here https://www.paralenz.com/third-person-viewer/


  • – DCC system auto white balance



    • – Not for low budget