Underwater Innovations that Will Transform Scuba Diving Rules

by spotmydive

Updated: October 12th, 2020

Year after year, nautical and aquatic activities have been constantly evolving, particularly due to the arrival on the market of new innovative products that bring with them new methods of diving, new sensations and new uses. With such a list of novelties, it is very easy to lose track. Let’s take a look at the latest technological innovations that marked the year 2018 and will mark the year 2019.


Dive Decompression Analysis connected sensor

A new French innovation is coming to the market with a brilliant idea: open scuba diving to the field of personalized decompression. To do this, a team of experienced engineers worked for many years on this issue to design a unique and patented technology consisting of an acoustic sensor connected to a smartphone application and a server with specialized data analysis and processing. O’Dive is very easy to use, once your dive is completed, you will have to position the sensor under your cavicule and make two sets of 20 second measurements. Once completed, the data is passed to the O’Dive’s servers for analysis and returned to your application. It is up to you to evaluate and improve your diving conditions to minimize the risk of decompression sickness.

Price : from 590 € on pre-order | Get O’Dive sensor


The world’s first 4K omni-directional underwater drone

The FIFISH V6 by QYSEA is the world’s first omni-directional consumer underwater drone. Utilizing its patented six-thruster engine, the V6 is able to manouver in six degrees-of-freedom. From 90° tilts to 360° spins, FIFISH V6 has the capability for all possible angles of movement.. From 90° tilts to 360° spins, FIFISH V6 has the capability for all possible angles of movement. The drone’s revamped camera system is optimized for underwater filming, delivering 4K UHD footage in a 166° wide-angle lens, complemented by 4,000-lumen LED headlights, auto color-enhancing algorithms and HDMI live streaming. Furthermore, FIFSH V6’s VR head-tracking mode offers a deeply immersive experience for its users, providing full control of vision and movement with a simple shift of the head.

Price : from 1599 € | Get a Fifish V6


World’s first underwater people mover

Amphi is a monofin with a built-in thruster, which pushes the swimmer through the water. It is a hybrid propulsion, powered partially by human muscles and partially by electric thruster, the same concept as an electric bike, only for the underwater application. You know how awesome it feels to snowboard down the slope – the sensation of being one with nature is similar with our fin – you feel like flying through the water.
The swimmer/diver attaches their feet to the Amphi unit and is able to smoothly transition between muscle-powered and electric propulsion. Amphi detects the strength of the kick and adds or subtracts power accordingly. This allows the person to go between aggressive, sport-like machine, and relaxed cruising pal.
Amphi Americas recently presented its working prototype. The company has been gearing up for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Price : Soon on Indigogo | Learn more about the product


The perfect submarine drone for divers

France is proud to have its own iBubble submarine drone . This submarine companion is equipped with a high definition camera that will follow you everywhere in your travels, a battery up to an hour of autonomy and two headlights of 1000 Lumens. The iBubble is capable of going down to 60 meters and moving at a speed of about 3 km / h. In case of a problem, the underwater drone rises to the surface automatically.

Prices : from € 4,490 | Get the drone submarine iBubble


The mini camera for divers

The camera Paralenz is a mini submarine camera that already has a lot of folks talk about it in the world of scuba diving. It is waterproof for up to 250 meters; it is full of good features like automatic color correction according to the depth, an easy attachment to the mask or even a digital dive log.

< strong> Prices : from 749 € | Get the camera Paralenz


The design dive computer

We know that underwater dive computers are the diver’s best friend for both safety and comfort issues. The WATOOM company is coming out this year on Kickstarter a new dive computer which may also be used as your daily watch. With a sleek, modern design reminiscent of the Apple Watch, the Cyano has all the features you need for scuba diving.

  • Materials: The Cyano computer is made from high quality metals and plastics. The case is made of steel.
  • Waterproof: Recognized in the development and manufacture of waterproof cases, WATOOM has designed the Cyano dive computer to be waterproof for up to 100 meters.
  • Security: the Cyano uses the Bühlmann ZH-L16C decompression model, one of the most tested algorithms to date and therefore one of the safest.
  • Interface: clear and bright even in very low visibility.
  • Different modes: there are 2 dive modes and a “watch” mode including an alarm clock.
  • Diving mode: this mode allows you to keep an eye on your dive profile, water depth, water temperature and of course the no decompression limit.
  • Plan your dive: For a safe dive you can choose the oxygen level in the bottle, your current physical condition and the type of dive planned shallow or deep.
  • Customize your computer: The Cyano is customizable and hundreds of different combinations are possible. Choose your bracelet, your computer color and your interface.
  • Connectivity: You can access your dive log via Bluetooth.

Prices : from 530 € | Get the Cyano computer


The new generation snorkel

Are you tired of your snorkel filling up with water all the time? Do you constantly want to breathe fresh and fresh air? The time for innovations in the snorkel market has finally arrived. The Ameo Powerbreather snorkel is the solution to both these issues. With its new system of watertight valves, the water is unable to enter the snorkel duct. In addition, the air conveyed by two ducts located at each end of the head is expelled via a valve located at the mouth. You are thus guaranteed to have a fresh air not loaded with carbon dioxide. This product is perfect for swimming in the pool, for swimming in white water and of course for snorkeling. Ameo offers 3 different models according to your needs.

Prices : from 89 € | Get the Ameo Powerbreather snorkel


The underwater booster

For those who have always dreamed of cycling underwater, your wish has been granted with the Seabike . Assembled in less than 30 seconds, the Seabike makes it possible to move in the water while pedaling. Like a ground bike, you have to pedal to drive the propeller forward. If you have to compare the Seabike with a pair of fins, the Seabike requires other muscles of the legs and thighs. Sold in France at a price of around 330 €, it is possible to order directly from their website.

Prices : from 330 € | Get the Seabike


The floating compressor

Considered the world’s smallest and lightest respiratory system, the AirBuddy compressor designed by Jan Kadlec, will certainly surprise more than one. The AirBuddy is a floating mini-compressor that allows divers, via a supply hose connected to a regulator, to stay under water for at least 45 minutes. What is its particularity? It is very compact and therefore allows a better fluidity of movements under water. The AirBuddy necessarily requires a good knowledge of the basic scuba diving rules before being used. Available through pre-order on Indiegogo for the sum of 900 €, it has, despite its expensive price, attracted a large audience. The delivery date for the Airbuddy is set for June 2019

Prices : from 815 € | Get the Airbuddy Compressor


Diving whenever you want

A last piece of equipment has appeared on the market for mini diving bottles with the name “Dive with Portable Lungs”. This item attached to the back of the diver through a shoulder bag promises a diving experience of up to 20 minutes leaving others puzzled considering the size of the bottle. This device is also recharged via a high pressure pump. Dive with Portable Lungs is only for autonomous underwater divers who have already had a good underwater experience.

Prices : from 440 € | Get the product Dive with Portable Lungs

Who has never had trouble putting on his pair of fins before jumping into the water. With the Finclip , these moments of suffering will belong to ancient history. A simple click and it’s done, your fins are attached. Like ski bindings, simply attach the end clip to your fins for the system to be ready for use. Its particularity lies in the fact that the end clip fits all models of adjustable fins.

Prices : from 69 € | Get the Finclip Product