Top 5 Best Open-Heeled Fins For Scuba Diving ans Snorkeling

by spotmydive

When buying your fins for the first time, it is difficult to find the one of the many brands, models and features of adjustable fins on the market. Below you will find a selection of the best full-foot and open heel fins for the season 2018. Of course it is an inexhaustible list, and other models may also suit your expectations.

Aquabionic Beuchat

Price : 105.99€

Description: The Aquabionic Beuchat fin is precise and handy when swimming with them slowly, and they become powerful and reactive when it is getting serious. The blade adapts and expands with the given effort!! Unique in the world. It allows a slow usage and an increase of the speed when needed, reducing at the same time the breathing air and waste of energy. These fins with WARP technology follow the concept of bio-design design inspired by the fins of sea animals.

Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Pink and Yellow

Stratos Aqualung

Price : 55.49€

Description: The Aqualung Stratos Adjustable Fins are a lightweight, strong and affordable, ideal for intensive use or in diving centers.

Colours : Orange, Yellow, Black and Blue.

Seawing Nova 2 Scubapro

Price : 130.99€

Description: The adjustable fins Seawing Nova 2 by Scubapro were developed on the principal of a rotatable blade and a hydrodynamic shape allowing the water flow to glide over the blade without any restrictions.

Colours: White, Black, Pink, Purple and Yellow.

Avanti quattro + Mares

Price : 99€

Description: The Mares Avanti Quattro + Flippers offer an improved performance for diving sessions in comparison to the traditional model with a better reactivity, an increased thrust power, coming along with a reduced weight and an even more attractive look.

Colours : Black, Red, Yellow, White and Green.

X Stream Mares

Price : 129.49€

Description: Mares X-Stream diving Fins provide an excellent performance while offering a really comfortable foot pocket and a beautiful design. They are really a lightweight. The performance using the Mares OPB system is excellent and permits an even more effective push with only little efforts. They are easy to put on and thanks to the ABS Plus Mares buckles easily adjustable.

Colours: Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Black and Pink

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