Top 5 Best Full Footed Fins For Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

by spotmydive

Volo Race Mares

The Mares Volo Race full foot fins combines aesthetic aspects with efficiency, and permitting an easy usage for divers at the same time. The Mares Volo Race fins are a sure bet on the diving fins market.

Colours : Blue, Yellow and Grey

Price : 42€

Aqualung Express

Wind Aqualung fins belongs to the beginner level of full foot fins and ideal for leisure diving and snorkeling. They are compact and a lightweight, as well as resistant and comfortable.

Colours : Blue, Yellow hot lime and White

Price : 57,99€

Avanti Quattro power Mares

Avanti Quattro Power Mares Fins are particularly powerful for scuba diving and combine comfort and speed. They are also ideal for underwater hockey.

Colours : Black, Blue and Yellow

Price : 61.99€

Power Jet Beuchat

Powerjet Beuchat fin are a powerful full foot fins adapted to scuba diving and snorkeling in all conditions. These fins are easy to use and provide a good value for money. They are versatile, powerful and comfortable fins with in the medium stiffness range!

Colours : Red, Blue and Yellow

Price : 37.49€

Reaction Pro Cressi

Cressi Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins are a lightweight in the offer of full-foot fins and are perfect for tropic waters. Forget your bulky boots taking too much place in your luggage. Good price-performance ratio! These fins are easy to use and offer great performance.

Colours : Bleu, Grey/Black ou Yellow/Grey

Price : 37€

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