Dive computers : 5 most popular models for scuba divers

by spotmydive

This year promises to be rich in novelties especially in the segment of dive computers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you will undoubtedly find your happiness in this selection. Let’s review the different models that should attract divers attention this year.

Cosmiq+, the good plan for less than 400 euros

Prices: from 355 €

Check our review on the Cosmiq+ computer

You have probably already noticed this dive computer that looks like an iWatch. This product is somewhat different in this ranking because it combines all the features to become a bestseller if it suffered from its lack of notoriety and a reduced presence in stores. It’s a shame because the Cosmiq +, that you can get for less than 400 €, offers a beautiful LCD screen, a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth connectivity, a magnetic charging connector, a nylon strap and an interactive logbook. It lacks more multigas and air management to reach the level of high-end dive computers.

We like:

  • High tech design
  • Excellent value for money
  • A beautiful LCD screen
  • Sold with 2 nylon bracelets

Suunto D5, a beautiful dive computer watch that fits your style

Price : 650€

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The D5 is the latest watch-style dive computer from the Finnish brand Suunto. Not only this computer watch can be worn everyday but it can still adapt to your look with many interchangeable bracelets silicone or leather with 4 different colors. With this touch of originality, you will quickly attract attention under and out of the water. Moreover, the attachment system, very clever, was designed so that the bracelets can be changed in a few seconds. The Suunto D5 dive computer watch is elegant to wear and highlights many advantages: a particularly simple use, a weight reduced to 90 grams, a high visibility color screen, waterproof up to 100 meters, a wireless pressure indicator to the bottle, a digital compass and a Suunto app designed to help you relive your underwater adventures and share them with your friends.

We like:

  • A beautiful computer watch
  • A customizable look
  • A color screen
  • Simplicity of use
  • The Suunto app to track and share your dives
  • Simple and intuitive menu

Aqualung i770R, high-end computer with color display

Price : advised public 699 €

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The highly anticipated i77OR is the brand new high-end Aqualung dive computer. It combines functionality and comfort, all in a modern, compact and robust package. What is this dive computer for? If You are passionate about new diving technologies, this is good because the i700R has many assets designed to please you. A wide-screen, high-visibility TFT color screen ensures that the information on the screen is readable in all circumstances. But that’s not all, the size of the characters and the positioning of each piece of information were also extremely well worked to allow the diver to quickly find what he/she is looking for. Add to that, a 3-button navigation interface, a multi-gas algorithm, 4 modes of use, a rechargeable lithium battery, a 3-axis compensated tilt compass, Bluetooth connectivity, a mobile application to track your diver life cycle, and you will get a computer that meets all your needs whether you are beginner, experienced, recreational diver or tech!

We like:

  • Exceptional readability
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Integrated compass
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Easy to use interface with 3 navigation buttons
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Diver Log + app to share your feelings, statistics, photos and dive sites on social networks.

Shearwater Teric, the technical dive computer

Price Public Recommended 950 €

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This year, the codes are changing since the Shearwater brand that used to have dive computers starting with the letter P Partridge / Predator / Petrel breaks new ground with the stylish Teric. Until now, all of the brand’s dive computers were black, but the Teric is uncompromisingly derogatory to this rule by offering five very bright optional bracelet colors blue, green, pink, yellow, white. By choosing a standard strap size, the Shearwater brand also allows users to customize their own computer watch.

On the performance side, Shearwater’s Teric features multi-gas features with 5 customizable gases, a screen based on Amoled technology for better color intensity and high contrast, 5 dive modes including one crash-resistant at 200 meters, a three-axis digital compass with tilt compensation, Bluetooth connectivity. With such performance, the Shearwater dive computer should no doubt appeal to experienced and tech divers.

We like:

  • Amoled screen
  • Ultra resistant thanks to a steel frame and a sapphire crystal
  • the ability to customize your bracelets
  • Choice of 3 dials available in 15 colors
  • 5 customizable gases for each dive mode