Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3 Auto review by Spotmydive

by spotmydive

Hello everyone! You’ve been asking it us for a while now: is there any waterproof flying drone on the market? The answer is yes! We were able to test this summer the Splash Drone 3 3rd generation of Swellpro and here is our review:

Getting started with the Splash drone

At Spotmydive we are used to underwater drones and fly drones. The Splash drone is, however, very different from the drones we know.

The Swellpro Splash Drone comes with a video transmitter, a radio remote control, a 4K camera and its stabilizer and an FPV display. The drone can seem rustic at first sight, however he is well developed and finished even if some wires are no hidden. This drone is a true 4X4 amphibious very simple to mount and start.

The drone is super powerful and can easily fight against winds up to 50 km/h and it can land or crash in the water without any worries.
There are several interesting flight modes and the handling, once in the air, is very simple.

We had difficulties with the controller who could not receive any image, according to the manufacturer, we may have left the drone too long in the sun. Anyway, the video feedback on the controller is rather good quality.

Fly the Splash Drone 3

Once in the air, the Splash is as easy as a Phantom or a DJI. However be carefull this drone is extremely powerful and does not have pale cover. Be careful therefore to respect the flight instructions! The main quality of the Splash Drone is to be able to land on water without any problem. You can even film the seabed from the surface.

Video Quality

The Splash Drone comes with a native 4K camera and a 4-axis Gimball. The stabilizer is excellent and the footage great.


The autonomy of the Splash UAV is unfortunately quite low since after 15 minutes of flights, we had no battery and had to start the “return home” mode. Fortunately, we had spare batteries and it was easy to change them.

Splash drone good battery?

The autonomy of the Splash is unfortunately quite low since after 15 minutes of flights, we had no battery and had to use the “return home” mode. Fortunately, we had spare batteries and it was easy to change.

Splash drone easy to carry?

Unlike the last drone from DJI, the Splash Drone is quite large. It comes in a practical but bulky case. Of course, this is not a drone that you will carry everywhere in your backpack and it is not its goal anyway.

What is the Splash Drone price ?

You’ll find the 3rd generation Splash Drone online at a price of €1,899 for the classic version, €2,049 for the + version and €2,499 for the XTREM-ACT version

Technical specifications

  • Sizes : 61 x 47 x 52 cm


  • Weight : 2,38 kg


  • Maximum flight altitude : 4000 meters


  • Movement speed : 8m/s 11-16 nots


  • Battery : 15 to 20 minutes


+ Amphibious and for us, travelers and divers, it’s important


+ Very robust

+ Engine power

+ Back flawless image

+ Several flight modes

+ Resists strong winds

+ Camera 4k

+ Battery easy to change

+ Cheap vs another amphibious drone

Cons :

– Trouble to connect the remote at first


– Wire visible

– Cannot adjust white balance in flight

– Simple to use but more complicated than the last drone of the market

– Very short battery, only 15 minutes of flight

This drone is for you if you are looking for a sturdy drone that will withstand seawater. The drones we usually use, would not have survived more than 5 minutes to our various tests. So if you like to fly over water, if you are looking for a drone for your boat or if you want a indestructible drone, the Splash drone is for you.