Subwing, the wing who makes you fly underwater

by spotmydive

For those who missed it, there is a revolution in the apnea field. The creator Simon Sivertsen, a young Norwegian, devised and produced in 2010 a new “underwater wing” giving the sensation of flying under the surface of the water.

Subwing’s revolutionary watersport

With a shape looking like both fish tail and aircraft wings, the Subwing board has been improved every year to benefit the greatest number of people. Connected to the vessel by means of ropes, the board has a plurality of locations to put hands on and balance easily. After positioning, the boat begins to move gently between 3 and 7 km/h and the freediver, after taking a big breath, maneuvers the board to start its descent. The Subwing remains easy to handle, however, it requires the swimmer to be in an excellent physical condition and to be a good freediver.

Possibilities and challenges

  • To cover longer distances underwater
  • Offer the feeling of being a real fish
  • To closely follow schools of fish or marine mammals
  • To perform many acrobatics, bends or loops

This product will interest mainly freedivers who want to expand their playground. The starting price is around $295. The carbon fiber model is more expensive and costs $895.