Subea, new diving brand from Decathlon

by spotmydive

SUBEA diving product for scuba diving, freediving and snorkleing

For 2017, Tribord, brand specialised in aquatic sports, become SUBEA.

The name come from: SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing. This brand is dedicated to snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving and spearfishing arrives in all Decathlon shops worldwide.

At Spotmydive, we like Decathlon products for a long time for is wide range for all budget. When starting a new activity, the first thing to do is often to equip yourself. The Subea product range is quite attractive, it will pleased especially beginners, but intermediate and advanced levels divers will love it as well. The products are designed at the Hendaye design center in the French Basque country, near the Spanish border. It is here, right in the water that the research and development teams invent the products of tomorrow and improves existing models to best meet the needs of divers.

Scuba Diving


The scuba diving product rangehas greatly increased. You will find a wide selection of:

  • Wetsuit from 60€ to 140€
  • Booties from 15€ to 30€
  • Gloves
  • BCD from 150€ to 200€
  • Regulator from 130€ to 250€
  • Diving travel bag from 20€ to 40€
  • Diving torch from 30€ to 150€
  • Diving accessories surface marke buoy, weight etc.

Most famous products for snorkeling range

Easybreath Surface Snorkeling Mask

Price : 24,99€


For this activity, Subea offers a wide range of products. There is a wide selection of fins, masks, snorkels, but also an innovative product that is very successful for holidays lovers: the famous mask Easybreath. This year, this product is available at the exceptional price of 24 € 99 and now exists in 6 colors. This model, very popular with snorkeling fans, has big advantages. This Easybreath mask offers excellent visibility, allows you to breathe naturally under water and does not let steam settle. Another positive point, the snorkeling is made accessible to all by a reduction of efforts, an attractive price and a comfort under the water for the moment unequaled

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OLU Observation Buoy

Price : 8€ ou 15€


This year 2018, Decathlon offers an innovative product to the greatest number, the buoy OLU. With this buoy, it will now be possible to admire the seabed, while keeping his head dry. First of all, among the many benefits of the OLU buoy, you will be able to communicate more simply on the surface with your friends, all without feeling the slightest fatigue. This product offers almost perfect conditions to observe marine species in their natural environment, thanks to a wide, clear vision without steam.

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