Subea launches its new collection for freediving

by spotmydive

At Spotmydive, we value Subea products a lot. Well designed, aesthetic and also very affordable, we were eager to discover what the brand had to offer for 2019. After the Easybreath snorkeling mask, the transparent buoy OLU, discover with us, a new complete range of equipment adapted to the practice of apnea.

Apnea, a very fashionable activity

First, it must be admitted that apnea or freediving is clearly on the rise. With more than 2 million and a half of occasional or regular practitioners in France, apnea has experienced a very rapid increase in the number of its followers thanks to several important advantages: one can initiate oneself at any age even even if not an excellent swimmer, apnea can be practiced all year round at sea or in the pool and apnea provides a feeling of absolute freedom.

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A team of apnea enthusiasts behind this 2019 collection

It was therefore essential for the Decathlon teams to develop quality products to meet the demand of these followers by starting, by the way, for themselves, because, surprisingly, a large part of the teams of Subea practices apnea as soon as they have some free time. Its director sets the example. He, indeed, dove down to 50 meters in variable weight on the occasion of his 50 years.

Presentation of the Subea Apnea collection

Apnea Jacket

This jacket offers you optimal freedom of movement in hot water, and as the thermal insulation remains important: its cut is preformed and the joints have no seams.

Apnea combination pants

These pants protect you from the cold with 3mm neoprene. Its manufacture requires gluing, at first, the neoprene. The sewing is specific: the used needle does not completely cross the neoprene to prevent the infiltration of water during the practice. It also allows greater freedom of movement and simplified threading.


These fins of freediving have a very good efficiency thanks to the relatively flexible wing and the very comfortable and close to the foot liner. They allow to observe the underwater life by making apneas up to 20m. Their wide lateral vein transfers all the muscular power.


The highly flexible silicone skirt provides excellent comfort and the small volume allows easy compensation during the descent. It has a very good support thanks to a wide strap and a very fine adjustment. It is a Bi Hublot mask that help the eye to focus and avoid reflections.


Its flexibility makes it possible to observe underwater life with more dynamism. It is a flexible snorkel that can be deformed during underwater movement for adaptation to the current. Its silicone tip is very pleasant in the mouth. It has a reflective band to be more visible. It facilitates breathing with its large diameter for good ventilation before apnea.

Neck weight System

This ballast is ideal for freediving divers. It helps to stay in an optimal position during apnea. The placement around the neck helps the apneist to hold a good position in dynamic apnea horizontal and apnea in depth vertical. It is very easy to put and remove thanks to its scratch. It adapts to all morphologies with its flexible material.

What do you think about this apnea collection?

In the design and presentation of each of its collections, Subea strives to develop quality products that will meet the needs of the greatest number. If you are a beginner or intermediate level freediver, this range of products will perfectly meet your expectations. Available in several colors, from blue to gray, the equipment is elegant and sober. Finally, the proposed prices defy all competition. And you ? Ready to try the adventure of snorkeling?