Sharkbanz, the magnetic shark repellent bracelet

by spotmydive

To repel sharks, we already know:

  • The striped anti-shark wetsuit, which somehow plays the role of the predator we want to fleec from.
  • The transmitter placed on the surfboard that emits an electric current to deter sharks.
  • The Electronics Device made by Dearteck which produces UV light and electromagnetic waves bypassing the animal sensors.

Sharkbanz, a magnetic shark repellent technology

And it is now the turn of a magnetic anti shark bracelet named Sharkbanz, to be in the spotlight. It was developed after 15 years of research by biologists of the marine world and shark experts. The company Sharkbanz released a video made in the reefs of the Bahamas, where many sharks live.

As it can be seen on the video, guinea pigs, despite the bait it carries in its foot is perfectly safe, sharks routinely turn away from it. How does the bracelet work? It emits an electromagnetic field that will antagonize receptors and shark sensors. in addition to its efficacy, this device has another big advantage: it doesn’t need a charger, the movements of the diver themselves charge the battery.

If you were afraid of sharks, now you know that you can go scuba diving or surfing confidently with this bracelet… you are finally protected! But seriously were you really in danger in the first place? For many people, sharks are scary since the movie “Jaws” who contributed to the collective panic!

In reality, very few sharks are potentially dangerous only 5 species on 475 identified. Remember that the risk of being killed by a shark is very small, much less than dying drowned or been strucked by lightning…