Seagow, a new device that allows you to breathe underwater for 10 minutes

by spotmydive

A brand new mini scuba tank is launched today! You won’t miss it thanks to its bright orange color. Available at a very attractive price on Kickstarter, it seems to have a lot of assets to play. Here the overview of this new product.

What is Seagow?

The Seagow is an underwater breathing system that consists of a mini diving tank, a regulator and a pressure gauge. With a capacity of 0.5L, the Seagow promises to explore the seabed up to 5 meters deep and stay between 10 and 15 minutes underwater.
One your dive done, the Seagow can be quick filled in only 3 minute thanks to its small dive compressor. Made for recreational diving, the Seagow is the perfect solution between snorkeling and scuba diving.
Now available on Kickstarter, the Seagow going to shine on the beaches this summer.

Seagow, a very ambitious project

The Seagow project started in France at the end of 2016, its creator aimed to create the simplest, lightest and cheapest underwater breathing system on the market to make scuba diving practice accessible to all. A few months later, the first prototype was born and tested in real conditions. After months of development and months of testing, it results in a high quality product that can be use by everyone. “The certification process took a long time, but now that it is complete, we can guarantee a product of irreproachable quality and short delivery times.”

What is the price and the models of Seagow?

Two models are available for sale: the Seagow 200 and Seagow 300. With the second option you will last longer underwater, going up to 15 minutes against 10 for the Seagow 200. For your information both scuba tank weighs 2kg.
The small orange compressor that weights only 17kg, can fill the dive tank in only 3 minutes. It appears that the main strengths of this compressor is its weight but also the fact that it is compatible with all models of scuba diving tank on the market.

The Seagow 200 price starts at 149 € and it will cost you 459 € if you want with the compressor and the tank.
Concerning the Seagow 300 and its compressor the price is 559 €. For once on Kickstarter, products will be shipped very quickly, in July 2018 to enjoy this summer with your friends.

Is the Seagow for everyone?

Even if the Seagow mini tank is easy to use, and will makes your underwater exploration incredible, you must be careful using this product. There are some precautions you should take when scuba diving.
As diving is a risky activity, it is strongly recommended to be a certified diver before using the Seagow. For others, remember that the rule number one is: you should never hold your breath will scuba diving. Hopefully, to avoid all those risk, the Seagow designer had the great idea to provide an online dive course for all the people purchasing one of its product.

We had the chance to try this new model of mini scuba diving tank. We liked the way of wearing it that allows you to forget about the equipment and that ensures you not to lose it while swimming. Moreover the mini compressor is a good solution, making its filling way easier than the manual pump of the competitors. In addition you can use it longer and this device will cost you less than other “similar” products already on the market.

If you are interested, you can visit the Kickstarter page below.