Seabob, high performance underwater scooter

by spotmydive

The SEABOB is a high-end underwater scooter that could have appeared in movies such as James Bond. Halfway between a jet ski and an underwater scooter. This product is the absolute paragon of cutting-edge technology and its uncompromising quality standard is reflected in each and every detail.

Hang on to the two side handles and this futuristic scooter will allow you to multiply the sensations at the surface and underwater. Produced by CAYAGO AG – a German based company – the SEABOB took several years of development to arrive at a result close to perfection.

A jewel of high-performance technology

The SEABOB has a specially developed high performance electric driven mechamism with a power ranging from 2.5 to 4.5kW depending on the model. This engine delivers impressive speeds in water from 15 km/h to 22 km/h. Two buttons positioned on both sides of the unit allow you to shift gears while a trigger starts the unit. Fully charged, the SEABOBs battery can easily be used for 1 hour, even at full speed.

A large TFT colour display in the cockpit shows the speed, remaining battery, time, depth and even water temperature! The Seabob weighs 35 kg and its version F5 “only” 29 kg, not to heavy but do not expect your 6 years old child to carry it on the beach. The SEABOB comes in several bright colors white, yellow, red and for those who want a unique and personalized underwater scooter, it will cost you a little extra.

Lastly, SEABOB offers a new model with two integrated full-HD cameras that allows its happy owner to film their ride. This model, the Seabob FR SR / Cam, includes a selfie mode camera on the TFT display and another camera positioned in the bow for filming in front of you. You can now share your adventures with all your friend just after your ride.

We tested the SEABOB: our review


We had the chance to test the SEABOB diving scooter twice. Once in Italy with Aquanautic Elba dive center and once in the Bahamas with Stuart’s Cove dive center. For your information Stuart’s Cove began the first SEABOB Dive Center in North America and one of the first worldwide.

They introduce a very special adventure in the Bahamas: Shark diving with the SEABOB. The number one provider of shark-diving adventures now offers this new experience to diving enthusiasts from around the world. We didn’t know what to expect before our first SEABOB ride. First of all the dive scooter is incredibly beautyfull, the design is just perfect, we could feel the power at a glance. The staff explained us how to use it and it sounded super easy. There are 2 buttons to change gear-up or down and 1 trigger to step on the gaz.

Riding the SEABOB was even simpler, we just had to lean forward and use our shoulders to control it and that’s all. Driving the SEABOB was a real experience, we almost had the impression of completely changing discipline. With Lou, we have more than 2.000 dives each and it is always nice to discover new aquatic sensations.

During the dives, thanks to the SEABOB we did explore every corner of the dive site looking for sharks and fishes but we also plaid with this amazing underwater scooter making figures and testing the power of the DPV. Sensations were astonishing, this submarine thruster completely fulfills its promises on the surface and in immersion.

Imagine the pleasure of leaving all equipped from the beach to a dive site and then discover the beauties of the underwater world. We definitely recommend the SEABOB to everyone from beginners to dive expert, and believe me you will love it!

Seabob for everyone?

The SEABOB aimed at a variety of audiences :

  • Snorkeling fans will use this luxury underwater toy to discover the beauty of the underwater world from the surface without getting tired.
  • Speed lovers will take sharp turns, enjoy lightning acceleration and agile handing make it a thrill to ride and even race with friends.
  • Freedivers are going to us the SEABOB to ascend and descend faster than usually, allowing them to stay longer at depth and increase their potential.
  • Finally Scuba Divers seeking for new sensation will discover a totally different diving experience. The possibilities are numerous and exciting: exploring larger zone to discover new dive site, playing with the current without getting tired or follow shark and dolphin smoothly without scaring them.


Remember that the SEABOB is an underwater scooter powerfull able to brings you really fast at depth if you are using max speed. Do not forget to properly compensate your ears while descending to avoid ears damages.

Technical characteristics

  • Power: 2,5 kW – 4,0 kW – 4,5 kW
  • Maximum thrust: 480 N – 680 N – 745 N
  • Surface speed: 15 km/h – 20 km/h – 22 km/h
  • Underwater speed: 11 km/h- 15 km/h – 20 km/h
  • Gears: 4 – 6 – 7
  • Battery: 50 minutes – 60 minutes – 60 minutes
  • Standard Charging time: 8 hours – 8 hours – 8 hours
  • Quick charger charging time: 90 minutes – 90 minutes – 90 minutes
  • Max depth: 40 meters – 40 mètres – 40 mètres
  • Dimensions: 1.152x507x372 mm – 1.152x507x372 mm – 1.152x543x372 mm
  • Weight: 29 kg – 35 kg – 35 kg
  • Buoyancy: 14 kg – 10 kg – 9 kg
  • Seabob Price: 7 845€ – 10 780€ – 14 180€