Seabike, What’s new for 2018?

by spotmydive

Remember, dear readers, that we presented you this cool product last summer. The Seabike is a water booster of a new kind that is a little bit like an underwater scooter ie pull the diver, except that you use your feet instead of your arms. To move on the surface and under water, you will need to operate a pedal with a propeller located at the rear.

The advantages of Seabike are numerous:

  • + A top speed up to 8 km / h
  • + A much lower energy expenditure than that resulting from the use of fins
  • + End stress on ankle ligaments
  • + Guaranteed fun

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What are the news for the Seabike in 2018 ?

Compact Seabike

Price : 350€

The seabike is a fully modular design product. That means it can be assembled very quickly without tools about 30 seconds to a minute. The adjustment of the size is done via a telescopic mast. For this version, the Seabike team has worked very hard to reduce the volume of the propeller to the maximum so that you can bring it everywhere with you on vacation. The result is honestly amazing. Dismounted, the Seabike fits in a bag 45 cm long by 17 cm wide. It can be carried as hand luggage by most airlines.

The Seabike and its surface board

Price : 480€

Become the king of snorkeling with these two complementary products. With this package you get the Seabike, which allows you to move freely in the water, but also a board, which allows both to guarantee a perfect stabilization on the surface but also to see the sea life at the bottom thanks to an opening in the board where you can slip your head. The board has a hook that allows to carry it more easily but also to deploy it quickly underwater. Finally a manual pump is provided in this box to quickly inflate your board.

Dimension of the board

Weight : 3,5 kg

Length : 1.62 meters

Width : 57 cm

Thickness : 5.8 cm