Seabike, the new underwater vehicle with a propeller

by spotmydive

A new underwater toy just arrived in the market, the Seabike. That new gadget is an underwater bike that can be used both on the surface and under water. Does this product, meant to replace our good old fins, will achieved is goal?

How does the Seabike work?

This new-style submarine powerplant can be assembled quickly take about 30 seconds and without tools. Its telescopic mast is adjustable according to its size. At the front, there are two handles that keep your body as flat as possible and the orientation is made by moving your body and your shoulders in the chosen direction.

The propulsion is done by a pedal which activates a propeller installed at the end of the machine. For each pedal stroke the propeller will rotate 3.7 times faster. The blades of the propeller are adjustable allowing to choose its mode of propulsion according to climatic conditions wave, current …

Differences with fins ?

The great difference between those two products is the muscles stressed during the effort. The fins mainly stimulate dorsal muscles and the abdominal belt while the Seabike mainly uses the legs and buttocks. Stress on ankle ligaments and leg cramps are unlikely to happen to you. According to its designer, to achieve the same speed as with fins, 30% less muscle energy will be used. In addition, it would be able to reach 8 kilometer per hour at max speed.

What is the Seabike price?

The Seabike is delivered with a 70 cm bag and weight 3,5 kg. The price is 399 € price in France

Seabike new devices are coming soon

Accessories already exist to improve the experience in diving and snorkeling:

  • A jacket with a double hook that clings to the cuffs of the seabike and which allows to have a free hands but also to have a more comfortable position
  • A tapered plate replaces the handlebars and allows to gain in hydrodynamic efficiency
  • An adaptor to attach the seabike to your BCD
  • A pocket to attached your wait, with weight you will have an optimal experience

Spotmydive review and opinion


As a good swimmer and a good diver, this product immediately attracted our attention. Rather skeptical about the actual utility of the product, we were very curious to try it in pool and in the sea. The product is compact and assembles quickly.

Once in the water, you will need a time of adaptation in order to master this underwater bike. This underwater bicycle is quite fun to use and do not required a lot of effort to use. Moreover be sure that all curious people will want to try it. Unfortunately we have only tested a prototype that does not have all the new devices.


  • Really small can be carried easily
  • Easy and simple to assemble
  • Lots of fun
  • Not tiring
  • Beautiful design


  • UnCommon position