Scorkl is a Lightweight, Portable Mini Scuba Tank You Can Refill with a Hand Pump

by spotmydive

Update: It seems that no one so far is receiving this product. It could be a fraud, especially do not buy this product until we have more elements.

Many of you dream of experiencing one day scuba diving but may be you do not have the budget to rent equipment and a dive guide. May be the solution is just here for you. An Australian company Scorkl wants to revolutionize the market with its easy-to-use mini diving bottle. The concept is not revolutionary, if you read our blog you already know the Mini Dive a French similar product. Who will impose itself in this war on novelty?

What is the Scorkl?

The small tank no bigger than a 1.5 liter bottle of water is accompanied by a hand pump that allows to fill the bottle itself. The brand says that At 3,000 psi the Scorkl holds about 60 breaths at 1atm. It takes around ten pumps per breath to fill the Scorkl 600 pumps. It gets harder as the pressure in the tank increases but it is manageable for an adult. A steady pumping rhythm of 50/min 1/sec fills the tank in 12 minutes. Most people will want to rest intermittently though which also allows the pump to cool down. Prepare your biceps then and if you do want to pump you should know that you can fill the Scorkl with another bottle and an adapter in seconds.

What is Scorkl used for?

As mentioned the autonomy will not allow you to make real dives with Scorkl. On the other hand, a ship-owner who wants to remove a rope tangled in his propeller or unclamp his anchor may have the use of it. This gadget can also be a great tool to make the joys of underwater breathing to all those who do not feel the courage. Instead of holding your breath for 15 to 30 seconds to go under water, this lightweight device will allow you to swim and breathe underwater for a few minutes.

Is the Scorkl dangerous?

Diving with such a bottle can be dangerous if you do not know anything about diving. Out of air situation and pulmonary suppression will be the main risks. If you have never dived check your manometer all along your dive and respect the first rule of scuba diving: never hold your breath.

Where to buy the Scorkl?

Currently, you cannot buy Scorkl, the brand just launch a Kickstarter campaign which already reach their objectives. If you want to order it is possible here:
This mini bottle is sold to the general public from $ 200 and the first products will be delivered in October 2017.

So what do you think of such a device?