Paralenz, World’s Best Underwater Cam 2018 ?

by spotmydive

A new toy for the summer, the Paralenz camera is finally available! This mini camera, which looks like a diving lamp, is specifically designed for scuba diving. This newcomer comes to shake the market of underwater camera, clearly dominated by GoPro with a product that exactly meets the expectations of regarding divers.


Best action cam for divers 2018?


This product is a real revolution for the underwater photography market. The Paralenz Dive Camera is the first underwater action camera made for divers, by divers! This amazing camera was developed in cooperation with divers from all over the world. A lot of new features, super tough, beautiful design, will make the Paralenz Dive Camera one of the favorite of all divers. If you love taking pictures or footage while scuba diving, free diving or snorkeling, do not hesitate. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Do you need red filter underwater?

The deeper you go the more colors will be absorbed in the water. This is why underwater videos are usually green or blue unless you use filters or set up manually the white balance of your camera. Good news, the underwater camera Paralenz can automatically correct the color according to your depth. Basically, you just god diving, enjoy your time underwater and your footage.


Characteristics and interests


    • – Paralenz is, obviously, waterproof but it does not need a special box for it. The camera can go 200 meters deep which is more than enough for recreational divers.


    • – It has an autonomy of more than 2 hours in 4K, which is an amazing resolution and more than 3 hours in Full HD.


    • – One of its major features is its automatic color correction. This is just amazing and this feature give a clear advantage to the Paralenz compared to the Go Pro and most of the other underwater camera.

    • – A float, sold as an accessory, allows the diver to film himself.


    • – The buttons have been replaced with a scroll wheel that can be handled even with very thick gloves.


    • – The camera works with a mobile application that not only allows you to view photos and videos, but it also had great info such as diving profile, depth, temperature of the water and much more. Thanks to the application, photos and videos can be transferred on social networks.


  • – Finally the underwater camera, designed in aluminum and polycarbonate weighs only 155g for a size of 116mm long and 38mm wide. A tiny size.

Paralenz price and where to get it?


The camera is sold on the Paralenz website for 749€ incl. taxes for Europe. It is sold with a mask strap, universal brackets, a carrying case, lubricants and stickers. As an option, Paralenz offers an extensible monopod and a float for filming in selfie. The Paralenz is definetly the best underwater action camera we had the chance to test in 2018!