O’DIVE first sensor connected who customize decompression

by spotmydive

If there is one product that should be talked about this year, it is undoubtedly the O’Dive sensor and its dedicated application. This connected acoustic sensor, unique in the world, the size of a bar of soap, allows to detect the circulating bubbles and opens the way to the customization of the diving procedures. It was developed by the French company Azoth Systems, specializing in tailor-made support, development, monitoring and safety procedures or the development of complex profiles of industrial groups and companies deploying divers. The sensor O ’ DIVE has required more than 8 years of research and development and the analysis of more than 1 million professionally monitored and documented dives to this day.

O’DIVE, what is it for?

The purpose of the ODive sensor is to indicate to the diver, taking into account his personal physiology, whether the decompression procedures use during his dives are adapted to his practice. The customization of the procedure takes into account the rate of micro-gas bubbles detected by ultrasound in the diver’s intravenous system after the dive, and the analysis of the dive profile. Thanks to a mobile application, the diver will be accompanied in the choice of his future procedures and directed to decompression strategies to advance his practice and his safety.

O’DIVE, how does it work?

The O’DIVE sensor is based on a Doppler examination that uses a probe that emits ultrasound to detect circulating bubbles in the blood vessels. The strength of the teams at Azoth Systems is to have reduced the size of the probe and make it easy to use to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

O’DIVE, how to use it?

The O’DIVE sensor is relatively easy to use. Upon receipt, you will need to create your account on the mobile application and enter the parameters of the first dive. The sensor should then be positioned under the clavicle to perform two sets of 20-second measurements each with a left measurement and a right measurement within one and a half hours after the dive output.

These measurements are transmitted via WIFI link to the smartphone and then sent directly to the servers that will analyze and compare these results with the Azoth Systems database. About an hour after transfer to the server, the results are available you are informed by e-mail and allow you to evaluate the quality of your procedure and adjust the parameters of your future dives.

O’Dive sensors, for whom?

The O’Dive range includes two connected sensors:


This bright yellow sensor is intended for recreational divers who dive in open air and Nitrox.


The dark blue O’DIVE TEK sensor is intended for technical divers using specific mixtures Nitrox, Trimix, … and diving in open circuit and rebreather.

What is the price of the O’DIVE sensor?

The O’DIVE ONE sensor is available at a price of € 590 and can be used for the benefit of five divers.

The O’DIVE TEK sensor is available for € 790 and can be used for the benefit of three divers.

The sensor is delivered in a waterproof case including an induction charging base, ultrasonic gel, a 220V adapter, a mirror, and a simplified user guide. The use of the sensor requires the download of the O’Dive ONE or O’Dive TEK applications, available from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

We like:

– Revolutionizes deep-sea diving practice

– More security and serenity over your practice

– Stylish design with 2 bright colors

– Easily transportable on a trip

– Easy to use