Mini scuba tank MiniDive, simple gadget or revolution ?

by spotmydive

What is the MiniDive?

The MiniDive is a French invention that will revolutionize the practice of diving. The MiniDive weighs only 2.5 kg, and its capacity of 0.5 liter will allow you to go down to 5 meters deep, and stay between 5 to 10 minutes underwater. To recharge it, it is quite simple, a bike pump will be enough, and it will take you 15 minutes to fill it up. If this seems too tiring for you, no problem, you will only need to use a conventional diving compressor. It is also possible to replace the empty compressed air cylinder with another already filled! La Minidive will be on sale at the beginning of 2017 for the price of 749 euros, and you will have to count 120 euros extra if you want to buy a second bottle.

Is the Minidive risky?

MiniDive is ideal for divers who have a minimum of experience. Indeed the reflex of the apneist to hold his breath is not compatible with any system of this kind. If the person does not have the reflex to expire while ascending, the risk of barotrauma is important.

To discover their KickStarter campaign follow the link.