MAOI, a Smart Head-Up Display Dive Computer

by spotmydive

Divers here comes the revolution, Maoi will change the game of dive computers. Thalatoo is a start-up that was created in September 2016 in Montpellier. The young shoot is housed by the Electronics and Systems Institute IES, excellence cluster of the CNRS, INRIA and the University of Montpellier, nicknamed the “Sunny French Tech”. It is in the Top 300 of the Shanghai Ranking 2nd place worldwide in ecology.

The aim of Thalatoo is to improve the experience of scuba divers through the use of innovation.

MAOÏ, its first project, was co-developed during the summer of 2017 with the European community of divers. This intelligent computer with head-up display was presented at DEMA Show and all visitors seemed to be really enthusiast about it.

At the head of Thalatoo are two men: Boris Larchevêque and Emmanuel Brenon. Passionate about diving and trained engineers, they have set as their target the production of innovative diving equipment, accessible to everyone and respectful of the environment. MAOÏ, the first intelligent computer for diving.

It all began with a missed encounter. In love with seabeds, Boris Larchevêque has been diving since he was a child. During a decompression stop in Ajaccio Bay, in Corsica, he was so preoccupied with checking the data dispersed on his equipment that he “missed” a magnificent barracuda passing by…

This frustrating experience inspired him to think about a way of centralizing all the information needed by divers so that it can be seen instinctively: the idea of MAOÏ took root.

Together with Emmanuel Brenon, a long-time colleague and friend, he designed the first mock-ups of a diving assistant with head-up display. As a prototype, MAOÏ was tested by divers during the summer of 2017 and was developed using their suggestions.


MAOÏ is a recreational dive computer for everyone, even if it’s looks futuristic, no worries you can wear one. This new device will help divers to have the necessary information available in a glance: depth, dive time, decompression management, ascent rate etc. MAOI will also make the diver’s life easier, the information will be displayed in a way that makes it useful and easy to use. One example for you, the heading displayed will corresponds to the direction you are facing.


Designed for your recreational dive the Maoï has a second screen, fully dedicated to your dive buddy. All the main information concerning your dive partner are visible everywhere, at every time. Thank to this feature, your friend, dive guide or dive buddy will be able to read all the necessary information in order to enjoy scuba diving safely!


MAOÏ has been designed in order to display the diving information only when it is needed. For your information the ascent rate is only visible once the diver starts the ascent, and the heading will be visible while you are doing your exploration phase. During the dive, the transparent screen maximizes the diver’s field of vision.


MAOÏ integrates a Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm. This decompression models has been validated and certified by independent experts. If you want, the MAOÏ will let you manage the stages of decompression and will give all the necessary information such as decompression stop and no fly time.

They just launch a crowdfunding campaign, so if you want to help them and pre ruder yours, do not hesitate. At Spotmydive, we are excited by the idea of testing it soon!

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