Lefeet review a small modular underwater scooter

by spotmydive

To move in the water, human did not initially have to be very imaginative. We tamed our environment by swimming with the strength of our arms and legs. Then, the modern era brought many innovations that helped to make these efforts simpler.

The fins appeared at first then it was the propeller with pedals or engines. Lefeet is one of them and this small underwater scooter wants to make our aquatic activities less restrictive and less tiring. As you already know, at Spotmydive, we like to receive the latest innovations to test them. This is why we were super exited when Lefeet contacted us to test their underwater scooter. Here are our impressions:

Lefeet review


To be honest, we cannot hide our surprise by receiving at the office such a small package. This underwater scooter is actually very small with a modest weight of 2kg. Great point already for them, it is super easy to travel with. The brand is pride to say they build the most compact underwater scooter ever.

The Lefeet looks like a small torpedo with two handles. The design is quite simple, and we liked it. The Lefeet has a central button with different power modes. Once selected, a single trigger, positioned on the right handle of the device, accelerates by keeping it pressed and brake or stop by releasing it.

Last but not least, the Lefeet submarine scooter is flexible, that is to say, you can change its shape and customize it at will. For example, two Lefeets can be tied together for more power and only one central handle will serve as support.

Is the Lefeet battery good?

In the version tested, the battery was charged in 6 hours and could work a good twenty minutes at full power. Be aware that the version we received, the battery was loaded with a US type plug and it was therefore mandatory to bring an adapter. The battery, once charged, fits easily from the front of the device. A cap with an O-ring seal it to prevent water entry.


The engine reaches a power of 450W it will be 550W on the commercial version which allows to move at a speed of 6km/h under water. In fact, the Lefeet, at full power, will easily carry his user whether he is doing apnea or scuba diving. Having raced with one of my fellow divers, I could see that this one with a fast glide easily passed me. However, over the distance, it quickly shortened allowing me to take the lead.

Who is the Lefeet for?

This underwater scooter is primarily for people who want to produce less effort underwater. Other people are likely to be interested in this submarine propeller: people with reduced or limited mobility.

Lefeet price?

Apparently the lefeet will be sold at 399 dollars but at the moment you can pre-order it on Indiegogo at 279 dollars.


  • Esay to use
  • Modular Upgrades
  • Affordable
  • Max depth 30 meters
  • Light, 2 Kg only
  • Max run time quite short, but the final product will have 60 minutes battery
  • We would love more colors