Is the Fifish the best underwater drone?

by spotmydive

Imagine yourself deep-diving across the ocean landscapes, or seamlessly gliding through the waters with tiger sharks, all the while at the comfort of being above the waters. The dream is now a reality! FIFISH V6 is the all-new flagship model by QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd., and the world’s first omnidirectional 4K underwater drone. Made to deliver an unparalleled experience and capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in your ocean explorations and adventures, the FIFISH V6 takes you gliding across the captivating underwater world while you stay grounded.

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An underwater drone with Virtual Reality Headsets

A pioneering feature for consumer underwater drones, FIFISH V6 integrates VR smart technology that provides a transformative and immersive aquatic experience for the user. V6’s VR box and APP combination take users into the pilot seat of the drone, providing an elevated and captivating controlling experience. Paired with an advanced VR Head Tracking function, the drone can be manned not only in the first-person point of view, but users get a full 360° control of the drone’s rotations simply by moving their head. Tilt the head sideways to roll the drone, look up to tilt the drone upward and look to the right to pivot the drone rightward. Empower the user’s creativity with this new and exciting and method to operate an underwater ROV like never before.

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A complete freedom of movement

Utilizing its ground-breaking 6 vector thrusters, the V6 is capable of reaching all possible angles and directions of movement. In addition to lateral movements and vertical ascents, FIFISH V6 can also rotate in 360° flips, rolls and pivots. Its Posture Lock™ function allows the V6 to hold and lock down its angle while moving in any direction of choice. An innovative combination of features for consumer underwater drones, FIFISH V6 is equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition camera, capable of enhancing the vivid details of the underwater environment, along with VR smart technology that immerses users into the underwater world.

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A gigantic playground

Fishing, exploring, photographing, treasure hunting, studying marine life and filming; FIFISH V6 is dedicated to providing a truly professional underwater drone for film enthusiasts and sports maniacs alike in their ocean explorations and quests. Most importantly, the V6 is aimed at bringing the public a greater ability to connect with the underwater world, along with its inhabitants and ecosystems, and generate greater awareness on various ocean-related issues and topics. Moreover, FIFISH is a strong advocate for ocean conservation, as well as for generating greater awareness on various ocean-related issues and topics, with 1% of its profits designated for the CleanSea Project.